Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Sunday Post Secret.

If you don't know what post secret is, go here. It's awesome.

but, my post secret is this. Now that summer is here, all sorts of kids we didn't know about are coming out of the wood work. LOTS AND LOTS of kids in this neighborhood. All seeking out my daughter, Pancake (age 7).

Some of them are poor, some of them come from broken home, some have poor manners, some are little punks. Some of them are bad influences. Some of their parents grate me with their white trashness.

Especially this morning when two ragamuffins showed up at 8 oclock. Then an hour later the mom shows up. Her kids "got away from her" and was wondering if they were here. The kids are five and three.

But, it doesn't matter at all. I'm nice and polite and friendly and funny. Because . . .

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