Monday, February 22, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are (in my living room)

Max was mad at his mom. He growled at her.

Then he ran away. He ran away while his Mommy yelled behind him. I hugged my kids tighter. We were on the couch. All snuggle and piled in a heap of blankets and footie jammies.

My kids were scared for Max when he ran. They yelled for him to go back to his Mommy. But he didn't.

Max ran until he found The Wild Things. He growled with them. Then, he ran with them-- cause he was wild too.

At first The Wild Things were gonna eat Max. But then they made him their king. He got a crown and a wand. At that point, Mac began to talk to his trains. And talk . . and talk . .

And I started feel weepy. The movie is so beautiful.

Then the movie went on. Max howled with the Wild Things. He became part of their tribe. And I held my little boy and girl so tight. I felt such love well over me.

Having kids is like having a second childhood. Only this time you get to remember all the special of it. And feel all of it that much deeper. And you know it's fleeting. Which makes it heartbreaking too.

We only got through half the movie cause it was bedtime and Mac wasn't watching anymore. He has a little attention span, being three and all.

But I was weeping so hard by the time we turned off the movie. Wiping my tears with the blankie. It was us, sitting there, loving each other. The tribe we created. The Tribe Called Hall. All snuggle. And any time now there will be a third child. If he's a boy, I think we'll call him Max.

It's almost too much for the human spirit to bear, this wild crazy love.

Tomorrow we'll watch the rest of the movie. I better buy some tissues :)

Night Night all!

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Candy's daily Dandy said...

I swear, not to get all weepy, but sometime your words touch my soul...

Loved Where the Wild things Are..big Maurice Sendak fan. Pierre is my absolute fave.

PS. rumor has it that Heff's Bar and Grill returns tomorrow....

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

yeah, this post was easily a tearjerker!




Slyde said...

i took mini-me to see it in IMAX. He loved every minute of it, and so did i.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

wow, that must have been killer. the movie is just breathtaking.


The Savage said...

I read Where the Wild Things Are, nigh on 25 years ago....
Your post makes me wanna have kids....

Bruce said...

I must admit, I do have a certain fascintation with seeing this film.....probably because it seems dreamlike.

Heff said...


H.B.A.G. re-opens tomorrow. BE VERY AFRAID !!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


you do too read the posts!!


and i am very scared, so very very scared . . Mr. Hall . . .hold me!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Savage: First, be the right man. Then find the right woman. THEN have kids. ok? got that? I'll help you polish your ad!


you only get to watch it if you promise not to be all adult analysing it.

no grumpy old men aloud!

Heff said...

Due to your nice comment, I came back and DID read your post.

F.T.R. - "Where The Wild Things Are" was my favorite book as a Heff-child.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

My 22 year old son loved this book so dearly. He loved the movie as well and says I must see it. Haven't yet, but you just reminded me to get on that!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

watch it with him!!

and bring a hanky!!

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