Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mrs. Hall has mad hostess skills

This weekend I went to the spa, had a brunch with a new Mommy friend and hosted Bunco night. I gots mad hotess skills yo. It was so nice being so pretty and light. I loved filling everyone's drinks . . . making the rounds and chatting with the group. I loved wearing make up and dressing up. I loved it all.

Then, later today, I'm going to yoga with another friend. It's so pleasing to talk to some many other happy women. It so pleasing and makes my toes all twinkley.

But, all this social life is wearing my butt out.

Last night, seriously, there were 12 women at my house. They stayed for 4.5 hours. talking, talking, talking, talking, talking . . . I am not use to such excitement that late into the night. Well, they left at 9.30 but shut up i have two kids. That's late to me! I said shut up! I'm still cool!

THEN before the dozen women left, they all wanted to go out. SERIOUSLY I WAS DYING . . . i just couldn't do it!

And I wanted them out of my house!

Cause they kept talking and talking and hovering near the door! THEY had their coats on and everything.


Well, it was fun. And I'm really making myself useful in the outside world. Making friends and laughing so much.

Ohh I laugh so easily now. At the least little thing.

I've never belly laughed so much in my life.

It's awesome ya'll!!

And now, I present my new theme song. Which makes me smile :)

Take care!

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the queen said...

Loooove Squirrel Nut Zippers!

B.E. Earl said...

Dig, dig, dig...the Zippers!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Yes, they are divine! ;)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

note to self, must get martini glasses . . so i can hold them just so . :)

Hank said...

Mrs. Hall, honey....ya sure look perty in that blue dress! ;)

Woooo-wee!!! Just readin' 'bout all them yacky women wears me out!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

yeah. . . the dress . . . the jewel tone . . the earrings . . .

and i will be hosting another bunco next saturday!

lord help me ;)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Aw, YOU make me smile.
And you have a social life; I'm jealous.
And you look hot!
Fun song.

The Savage said...

I loves me some Zippers! as a matter of fact I have a one of there songs listed in a song list in my latest post.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Maureen: Yes, I'm so very pretty in my Betty Draper Halloween costume ;)

Savage: Yeah, see now, you and me have a lot in common. But that is kind of obvious.


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

This is a lotta comments for a sunday!

keep it up guys! :)

Cam said...


I stayed at a friend's house until almost midnight on Friday...was she thinking the same? I didn't think so at the time, but now, Mrs....I have doubt! Doubt! And, guilt! Guilt!

The kiddos were all still up and running around (ours are older than yours) the fellas were all out congregating at the shop talking about boats & engines & other such man-gossip, and she & I were talking about everything! I mean, we covered almost every single subject. She is just that awesome! But, seriously, I blame the lemonade & vodka for my chatty-cathy-ness. It was sooo goood.

Funny story...
A friend of ours is expecting twins very soon, & her husband was one of the men out congregating, & when us gals went out to hang with the fellas for a sec, I asked him how she was doing (she was at home in bed) & were there any signs at the last appt. that we might see those babies soon. To which, another guy turned to him, and said, "Yes, R, how IS your wife's vagina today? Still holding up?"

Apparently, I learned nothing from the twitching post of yours. Guys just don't dig the imagery of birthing behbes... Weirdos.

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