Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrity Deathmatch: Whose the better Thomas the Train narrator, George Carlin or Alec Baldwin?

Thomas the Train DVDs are narrated by a number of people. Two recurring narrators are Baldwin and Carlin. Let's see how they compare eh?



1. Articulation of Narration: Advantage Baldwin!

Baldwin is a trained actor whose voice is aged in Scotch. His narration is unparalleled. No contest here.

2. Character Voices: Advantage Baldwin!

Again, Baldwin is a trained actor. He is also a gifted mimic of various accents. He also separates the character speaking from the book direction. For instance when the book reads, "I've got to hurry!", said Thomas. Baldwin reads it as, "I'VE GOT TO HURRY!!" (pause, lowers tone), said Thomas. Whereas Carlin reads it as "IVEGOTTOHURRYSAIDTHOMAS". Again, no contest.

3. Childlike Glee: Advantage Carlin!

While Baldwin provides a professional and Emmy worthy reading, Carlin provides childlike glee. You can tell Carlin is enjoying the book and not taking himself seriously. He gets all into it. Which is so very awesome. No contest here, Carlin rocks the glee!

4. Ability to keep things interesting: Advantage Carlin!

The adult mind wanders when pre-school programming is on. You people without kids have no idea. NO idea what price us parents pay for watching this stuff. But, it's 5 degrees outside and Mac has gone feral. Playing these wee stories provides 15-25 minutes of calm. Snuggles and calm. Yet, when Carlin reads the story, I somehow stay involved with it. There's magic there.

WINNER: George Carlin!!!!

And why?

because Kelly Carlin (his daughter) said this about her Dad:

"Most people know George Carlin as an icon of comedy and an advocate of free speech. I just know him as Dad ... And what a dad he was. He taught me the value of speaking the truth in a world that doesn't always want to hear it and gave me the gift of laughter. I love him and will miss him more than words can express".

That being said, what do you think Baldwin's daughter will say about her Dad?

Yeah, exactly!

And here is Mac and his Daddy giving him a proper haircut while he watches Thomas!


Now go and make yourself a very useful engine, TOOT TOOT!!

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Note the booze in that photo.

And we don't really drink that much. But when we drink we make it count!


Bruce said...

I like Baldwin, but I would give the nod to Carlin. Because when he does it, there is that little bit of sarcasim in his voice that tells you that he is having to much fun reading this stuff. Thomas the Tank engine is not meant to be taken seriously. I don't think Carlin did.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Wait a minute.

are you agreeing with me?

wait, what is that sound?

is that PIGS FLYING??

holy crap Bruce!


GiGi said...

My boy goes with my husband to get his hair cut at a local barbershop...your typical Main Street type place. I can't imagine my husband cutting my son's hair - he's never even clipped the kids all me, I am the keeper of personal hygiene for my kids.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Mr. Hall's all like

"we are NOT going to pay eight bucks to cut his hair!"

and he does an excellent job! layers it and everything ;)

B.E. Earl said...

Well, for one thing, Baldwin will probably do a better job in the future than Carlin will.

Too soon?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

merrrr . . . .

white rabbit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
white rabbit said...

Too many typos. Try again...

When my children were small enough to endure that sort of stuff Ringo Starr was the narrator. Now he was quality.

I always liked the parody 'Thomas the Sex Machine' by the Reverend Tawdry. Lots of jokes about pulling trucks etc.

Toot! Toot!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

bunny: meeerrrrr!!!!!!!


don't be bringing no hate near Thomas!

P.S. Whose Ringo Star?

is he one of those guys from Led Zepplin or one of those 70's bands . . . that only old people know....

white rabbit said...

I believe he played the drums with 'The Beatles' - a popular beat combo.

Diesel rules! :D

Signed: The Truck Liberation Front

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Stinky diesels!!

It's James that rocks!

Cause he's a really splendid engine!!

Heff said...

Carlin's DEAD.

Advantage : Balwin.

Are haircuts generally delivered whilst NAKED in your household ?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

nakey nakey nakey!!

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