Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's ok, cause i don't live there ANYMORE!

A simple phone rarely is that when calling my mom.


My Mom: Hello?

Me: Hey Mom, can you bring over a can opener when you pick up Pancake for her karate today?

MY MOM: What? Where are you? Are you at home right now?!

(editor's note: I'm calling from my cell phone, while I'm at work I use that phone)

Me: Yeah, I'm at home. So, do you have an extra can opener?

My Mom: Well . . . we have the one that goes under the cuppoard, but why are you at home?

Me: Ooh...I've got a bit of the flu.. no biggie.

MY MOM: (starts to go into panic mode) WHAT?? Are you ok?? What's wrong with you??!!!

Me: Nothing, I've got a bit of the flu..its not a big of the other doctor's has been out all week.

MY MOM: (panic rising) WHAT??!!! The doctor said to STAY HOME ALL WEEK?? Are you OKAY??!!!

ME: MOM!!! (yeah, i yelled at my mom, shut up) I said, a doctor I work with has been out all week, i'm fine, just a little sick. I'm going back to work tomorrow. SO.... ABOUT THE CAN OPENER??


ME: MOMM!!! CHRIST!!! EVERYONE IS FINE!! OBVIOUSLY since you are picking her up for karate she is fine. GAAAAH!!!! (yeah, i know, i'm yelling at my mom, i said shut up!!!!)

My mom: Why do you need the can opener? Didn't you just buy one?

ME: MOMM!!!! LOOK!!! ours is not working and we want to start the crock pot but we need a can opener to open the FLIPPING CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP!!!!

My mom: Well, there's no need to yell Holly. I can bring extra can opener we have. No problem.

me: Ok good. Pancake really likes it when you bring her to karate. She gets all jazzed when she sees your car and stuff.

My mom: Well, I love bringing her, you know that. Tell her I love her and we'll go out to dinner afterward. Goodbye Holly.


But's it's ok. Because I don't live there anymore!!!


And now, let's all take some time to enjoy the scenery and have a great weekend!!!

ahem. This photo is of my backyard. For reels peeple. And it's all good ;)

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

i didn't mention that when i called my mom, my dad answered the phone with a HUGE BELCH and then said hello.




B.E. Earl said...

Yeah, but is that how your backyard looks right now? In the middle of winter?

Susan Higgins said...

Sometimes our mom's make us nuts and cause us to yell at them. It's ok... I do it too!

Hey. love that backyard... when's the party!

The Savage said...

Mom. You need to delete that program. It's spyware. It's bad.

How do I do that?

You have to get into your control panel then....

It's okay. I deleted it.


I did the right click thing and deleted it.

Mom.... You need to get into your control panel...

Why? I just deleted it.

No. You didn't. You put the shortcut into the recycle bin. It needs to say delete program....

I deleted the program....

And that's why I just fix my mom's computer problems and not explain to her how....

The Savage said...

Oh yeah... Your back yard.... I'm jealous!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Right now that backyard looks like Heaven to me!
And I think your mom is related to my mom...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Earl: Yes, that how my back yard looks right now. Except the pool is covered and there is a 2 inch blanket of snow on the cover, the yard and the slide. And the sky is gray most days. But, otherwise, yes, that is my back yard right now.

Sue: Yes, sometimes the yells, they happen :)

Savage: Yeah, seriously. bah, best to just do and not incite questions. I have no idea why I even asked her to bring the dang can opener. Should have just gone over there and stole it. seriously.

Savage: I cannot WAIT to try our pool out. We moved at the end of october so we havent' had a chance to dip the toes as it were. ;)

Maureen: ALL Moms do that panic thing for no effing reason and GAHH EVERYONE IS OK I JUST NEED TO BORROW YOUR CAN OPENER!!

OK whew, focus on the backyard, focus, simmer, simmer.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I may come get in the pool later.

Heff said...

Why 4 you post picture of pool in wintertime ?!?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

BamaTrav: Pool Party at Mrs. Hall's!!!


Heff: Well, I could post winter pix but at this point, winter can just kiss my yes-n-deedee!!!

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