Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exit, Exiting and Exodus

The sermon this morning, in church, was about exodus.

I really need to get to bible study. Because I am completely lost when they talk about certain books or apostles. Like Luke or Peter or Moses. Was Moses an apostle?

Plus my head was so tired cause the kids woke me up at 6.30 am. And then my thoughts were bouncing all over the place because, well, it's that time again. Could be making a baby as I write this. And then i got all crazy happy thinking about all sorts of stuff along those lines and I missed the meaning of the message. Lost in my thoughts during Exodus no less.

Well, I suppose, if one is lost, best to be lost while in church.

Then, on the way home, after we exited, I heard this song. Which is slamming!!

Happy Valentine's Everyone! Now get out there and hug someone!

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Big Pissy said...


A baby?


Details, please! ;-)

The Savage said...

Happy Valentines Day to the whole Hall family and no Moses wasn't an apostle...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Pissy!! yeah, we are trying for our third ;)

Savage: Yeah, I kind of figured that Moses was NOT an apostle, I was just sooo tired this morning. bah. kids. ... ;)

Happy Valentine's to you!!

Cam said...

Well, Bergman can always give you a condensed version of what you need to know, biblically speaking, being a preacher's kid and all...

All I know about Exodus, I learned from Bob Marley..."Exodus, movement of the people." Great song!

Good luck this week! May your eggs be especially welcoming, and his swimmers lightning fast!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

I love Cam cause she's my favorite bloggy blog friend and iffen i ever lived near her we'd totally be bffs!!


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Could be making a baby??? Cool!
I always think of Moses as multi-purpose. The big cheese in the bible after Jesus.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

oohhh! la gran queso!

nice way to think aobut it :)

Bruce said...

It takes an exceptional blogger to mix Black Betty and Moses in the same short work.

I beleive that Moses is considered a 'profit' of the old Testament. The apostles are the followers / studes of Christ, as in the 12 Apostles. (sort of like a padawan in Star Wars).

Exodus has to do with Moses leading the jews out of Egypt.....See the "Ten Commandments" for all the details.
(jeez, and I don't even go to church, and you call yourself Virgin Mary in a bath tub on your front lawn!)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


ya see. the thing about being raised catholic is . . bible stories are not really emphasized.


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