Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: "Marriage and Sex: Observations on the male sex drive"

Can anyone come up with a better name than "Flashback Fridays" for when I reprint older posts because I love them so and they would like to be shown off again? :)

As I weave my sexuality back together, I can't help but envy Mr. Hall. Or men in general. Apparently, all it takes to become aroused is consciousness. And if they are near the one who reciprocates the love, then it is unbridled, this arousal. This is especially true for Mr. Hall.

There was an incident, about six years ago, when I was about four months preggos. Chubby, but not obviously pregnant. Pregnancy induced horrible cystic acne. Short boy hair cut (don't ask). Still throwing up. Mr. Hall and I had spent the day at a water park. Me being chubby, horrible cystic acne and short boy hair cut. I felt fugly. And when we got home, he began chasing me around. What the hell?, I thought. Can't you see me? What has gotten into you? And he said, "I've been staring at you all day, I just couldn't wait to get home."

That is when I realized---my husband has permanent love goggles on.

Some five years and two kids later, it remains much the same. Saturday was a day of filling sippy cups, braiding hair, mowing lawns, laundry, blah blah blah domestic bliss blah blah. And we fall into bed. And the chasing begins in earnest. What the heck? I think. And I ask, "What was so arousing today? Was it something I wore? " I mean, I do look good these days, what with the 35 lb weight loss. And I cannot say enough about the wonderbra. But no, none of this was the ticket. Although it does help, he said.

"It was just being around you, sorry it's not more complicated", he said smiling.

My husband is awesome. I need to follow this lead. To be aware of how much he is to me and all the places he excites me. Letting the love flow around me at all times. Not just when I let it. Hee hee. Married sex is fun.

Have a good weekend everyone :)

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dizzblnd said...

I think your husband and ine are related somehow. I think all they EVER see is the person they fell in love with, not what we look like. I know there are days when I haven't showered, working in the garden, go walking, stink to high heaven and look like pure hell and all he wants to do is ravish me. It is weird, because we are not wired to think this about ourselves. Lucky for you and I .. we have GREAT men. Flashback Fridays is PERFECT!

Holly Hall said...

yeah, seriously, there is something other than rational thought behind the male sex drive.



Big Pissy said...

Don't think about it, just enjoy it! :)

Holly Hall said...

Good Advice Pissy :)!

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