Thursday, March 19, 2009

So THAT'S what drunk feels like!!

Today is Friday and dammit, I have so much. But, gonna hold it in, let it germinate.

I can say I have started experimenting with alcohol. I enjoy one cocktail a week. So far I have tried a few jack and cokes (gave me a headache every time), one or two orange juice with vodkas (too many calories) and one chocolate martini.


So----chocolate martinis then.

Holy good Lord!! So THAT'S what drunk feels like!!

I ordered it as part of my ongoing experiment. It was very tasty. Then I felt my lips go numb. And I couldn't stop giggling. I felt all floaty and busty. And really really sneaky. I felt fabulous. Then my cheeks started to hurt from all the happy smiling. But it didn't matter because my face started to go numb. Still giggly though. hee hee. And there was much flirting between me and the Mister. The kids weren't there, it was like a date!

I must say, it was a happy night, the martini night. I must remember to harness this power of martini goodness for the appropriate times. And perhaps only have half of one. After all, when Mr. Hall and I got home, other things were numbed. That's no good. But yeah, martinis gets 2 thumbs up!

By far, the best cocktail I have had is rum with diet coke. Tasty, fun and only 3 points. Well, the points (aka calories are) questionable. I mean, I bought a 'jigger' to measure the booze out. Only there is two sections to the 'jigger' (see pix below). Which side is the 'jigger' measurement?

Ah nuts, does it really matter?

I didn't think so ;)

O-BTW- I am now two pounds form my goal weight. Cause I rock!!!

here's hoping you have a swinging weekend!


take care!!!

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Big Pissy said...

Only TWO POUNDS from your goal weight?????

Holly, that's AWESOME!!!!

Good for you! :)

p.s. and "yea" on the chocolate martinis

Holly Hall said...

Pissy: I know eh? Two more pounds to go till I hit 133. Smaller than I was in high school. Healthier too. I am not even exercising-no time. It's all weight watchers. And the fact that I am 33 years old.

yeah chocolate martinis!

B.E. Earl said...

Blech on the choco-martini. Too sweet for my liking.

Yeah on the booze in general, though.

I think the bottom part of the jigger is one ounce and the top part is two ounces. Many recipes call for 2 oz of this and 1 oz of that. See?

GeologyJoe said...

be earl is right about the jigger size. the small on is for during the week drinks. the other side is for firday and saturday night drinks.

other drinks for you to 'experiment' with: lemon drop, whiskey sour and apple martini aka appletini.

Holly Hall said...

Earl: Ok, good, I feel better knowing this, knowledge is power. And yeah, the chocolate tini was a bit thick, hm, well, didn't really matter though, all good with the drunk power!!

Geo-Joe: OOOOHHHH!!! Thank you!!!

it's like some secret code or something with this jigger. Good to know the reason for the sides. :)

ok, um, is lemon drop, whiskey sour and apple types of liquers? I did buy a bottle of jack daniels recently. Didn't really like it but then again I put in in diet coke, so, huh, little help here if you got it. :)

Heff said...

You honestly can't beat Crown Royal and Coca-Cola.

Ole Blue The Heretic said... day alcohol will make you invisible! Now how sneaky is that!

Now I need to go and read your profile.

Holly Hall said...

Heff: OO I have seen the royale crown bottles, will have to try :)

Ole Blue: OOOO really, I will be i vi s b e? really!! can't wait,

enjoy the new profile ;)

dizzblnd said...

mmmmmmmm chocolate martinis. LOVE them.

WTG on your goal weight that is awesome!

Loved the story! How beautiful.

Kate said...

So cute that you're "experimenting." I got through that phase when I was 17!

And thanks for posting that video.. I just love all those cool cats. How about Judy swing that leg at the end? What a rascal.

Holly Hall said...

Dizzy Blonde: Very cute the story eh? Very cute indeed :) and yes, chocolate martinis!

Kate: Yeah, I really late to this whole cocktail business. I will have to explain what ELSE I was doing at seventeen sometime. But, this is goodthough, learning these things now, I mean goodness sake, better late than never!!


Slyde said...

i have never tried a choco martini, but i think i'd like it..

Bruce said...

Let me tell you about cocktails. Tanquery Martini, shaken not stirred with a lemon twist, no olive.

I learned to love these buggers in college. Only after I experimented to my wits end with them (not to mention the dry heaves). They are hard to master and have enough octane to power your Acura.

They are the anti-fro-fro drink. In other words, only men need apply.

(congrates on meeting your rock, you sexy beast)

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