Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pick your favorite post, not your nose!

Earl, the Verdant Dude himself (click here) has reached his 500th post. It took him about four years.

I have been blogging for about 9 months now, I am up to 246.


I am a bit scared to see how big this blog will be in four years.

And what the heck did I do with all of it BEFORE I started Mrs. Hall?

Well, sent long emails a lot. Well, I still send long emails, sorry about that ;)

But, I am thinking that I need to spiff the place up a bit. Create a space for reader's favorites. To help the newbies see the best and brightest of Mrs. Hall.


In the comments-let me know which post you liked a lot-no need to strain your brain for the title or exact content-just a general jist should do the trick!

OR-and I just thought of this-tell me one you absolutely did NOT like. hee hee.

And the reward? Well, I'll do an indepth review of your blog and exhault it's virtues here!



11 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

Looking at your archives it appears that you have 180 posts.

136 from 2008 and 44 from this year thus far. Still a lot more than I posted in my first nine months.

I don't know if I can come up with any specific posts as my favorites. I think you have a pretty well-rounded blend of personal bloggy things you blog about. Way more personal than I get.

I do like the posts where you talk about music and how it has affected you. Like the old Potter's Ground stuff, but without the contest. I always won that anyway. ;)

Holly Hall said...

Jeez Earl-such a stickler!

Well, I can tell you that I have written 246, i just don't publish everything I write. That's write, I do hold back a bit. hee hee

So-thanks for the compliments :) I try to keep things well rounded and not lapse into a mommy blog.

I think I will make a category for music. and yeah, way to hog the trophies dude!

but congrats on the five hundred!!


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Ummm (cough, cough) I started kickin Earl's BE almost immediately when I began playing.

Anyhoo, this one all the way.

Holly Hall said...

Cam: REALLY?? the post about jenna jameson, i mean really???

ok, it shall go on the list.


GeologyJoe said...

im in my 5th year of blogging and at about 350 something posts.
remember, its not the quantity but the quality.

GeologyJoe said...

oh yeah, forgot; like i've said before. i like the crazy nurse stories.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

I likes the porn, what can I say?


I also dig the nursing stories. I vote for this one, if I may please change or have another vote:

Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe: Ok nurse stories are in any one you liked best?

Cam: I am glad you feel the love, feel free to vote as many times as you like!!


Slyde said...

i cant pinpoint any specific post, but i always enjoy the posts where you really open up, and tell us something about yourself that i would have never guessed... those are always the ones i remember and knock me for a loop..

Holly Hall said...


if there are posts that knocked you for a loop because I really opened up, and you remembered them, well heck YOU would be able to pinpoint them eh???

ok, I will just assume the story that was all about the lesbian action, that you had suggested I write, well, that goes into the hall hall of fame.


hee hee

Bruce said...

I hit 300 after about 4 years, but the first year and a half I posted almost nothing. So in reality, it is about 300 posts in 3 years.

You know what you have written is good and what is medicore. I would suggest something along the lines of my "First Friday Flashback' series and just dazzle us.

As a rule of thumb, the posts that I tend to enjoy the most are the recollections that weave a bit of fiber into the garment that wraps us all togehter. The realization or understanding that we learned something that relates to us all and brought the big picture a little clearer into focus.

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