Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's open our hymnals to the book of RuPaul, chapter 2 verse 1

It appears my pledge of slowing down the posts was pure B.S. Honestly, it appears I just can't help myself.

Well, oh well, I am putting this up to help lighten the place up after the previous post. :)

Let's discuss the difference between men and women.

Specifically, let's discuss the expression of femininity versus masculinity.

The Yin and Yang of RuPaul

I've been watching a bit of RuPaul's new show, "Drag Race". Such fun having cable!

First, let me say how much RuPaul meant to me as a teenager. When I was a young, artsy and isolated teen, stuck in a one horse town, I heard about RuPaul. I saw his video, read articles. And I cannot tell you what it meant to me, hearing all of it. I didn't quite understand what was happening, but RuPaul helped me figure a lot out. And, as role models go, RuPaul was one of the best. And if she is reading this right now, and really, why wouldn't RuPaul be reading Mrs. Hall? THANK YOU!!

About two years ago, I purposefully sought to become a real woman. I started wearing make up and dressing nicely. At first, it was a disaster. I had no effing idea what I was doing. Plus I was cheap so the make up I bought was absolute crap. When I did start to see a glimmer of fabulous, I felt like a drag queen. It felt unnatural and agitating.

This was all out of proportion of course. But try telling that to a very scared 29 year old, opening up places she had nailed shut a long time ago.

Again, I went to the words of RuPaul for guidance.

When he is in full drag queen regalia, he is six foot 8, wearing pancake make up and gigantic hair. His inspiration comes from women, however, he is not a female impersonator. No woman looks like this honey.

I have gotten a lot better at it, wearing make up. My kids' baby sitter helped me, A LOT. She was the one who introduced me to Sephora. The more I express my feminity, the prettier I become, the more powerful I feel. Being a babe is akin to growing 50 feet tall.

All I have to say is heated eye lash curler and mascara. Try them and your life will be changed.

This part of becoming a woman, well, this part I have no trouble with.

Again, let's listen to the kind and lovely words of one Miss RuPaul. He gave an interview once, that when he dressed in drag he felt fierce beyond compare. But, it is just part of who he is, the drag is just an extension.


However we express who we are, gender will always be a factor. And when I am full on female gorgeous, it is just an extension of what is inside.

Self-Potrait by RuPaul

And let me leave you this, from RuPaul

"Your fabulousness is YOUR responsibility"

Damn straight girl, damn straight !!

And let me say that when the wee Pancake and I dance to this song, we do indeed sashay AND shante!

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Bruce said...

Ok, Ok, I get what you are trying say here about self esteem and feeling good about yourself, but this line sort of made me cringe, "About two years ago, I purposefully sought to become a real woman. I started wearing make up and dressing nicely.".

As if this is what makes a 'real' woman. My wife wears no makeup and she dresses in her own style, the the style of others.....and I think she is one fine looking babe. A real woman, knows who she is deep down, she knows more than how to put on makeup. Sheesh.

Holly Hall said...

Bruce-I did not mean to offend you or your lovely wife. And yes, I do agree, she is a babe.

i can say though, i have deep dark under eye circles and alot of scarring from cystic acne.

hence the make up cleaning things up a bit.

and honestly, the whole point of this post was embracing the expression of feminity (aka) real womanness.

but you are correct, babe comes from within.

that being said, everyone should at least use a daily mosturizer with an SPF of 30 :)


again, take care

James said...


Holly Hall said...


! back at you :)

Slyde said...

Earl just started trying to be a real women last week.. so far, its not going too well.

But i concur with bruce... you are a real woman (a real GREAT WOMAN) with our without the girly fringes...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Slyde: Yeah, Earl prol'l needs time to heal after such a surgery . . . . .

and thanks for being so nice there slyde, ;)


Big Pissy said...

I love me some RuPaul!!!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Pissy:I KNEW you'd come through for me!!!!!!!




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