Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too much yet not enough

I've been having a long think about things.

Do you realize that for every post I post there are four or five other posts that I don't?

That's a lotzza posts.

I write because I am a writer. All I have to do is open the spigot, just a little bit, and whamo. There is a thrill to all this, to putting all my work out, right now. And there is no editor, no one to tell me what or how to do all of this. It's like being in a candy store.

This lends itself to being too much and not saying enough. Which compromises the goal of this here blog. The goal of adding something artsy, marital and original to the conversation. And that's what this is, a conversation.

At this point, I want to focus the conversation inward, to me and my family. This is why I changed all my profile information. This blog will be a documentation of me and mine. My heart, my mind and my family.

Lots of fodder.

So-this is my challenge. I will trim the posts to twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Mondays will a more lengthy post. Fridays will be shorter and funner. Only the best writing goes here.

That way, ten years from now, there will be only the best to read. And it will be very manageable.

I will tell less and show more.

SO-speaking of too much

Let me leave you with a clip. This clip is something that I have absolutely no words for. I mean, honestly, I saw this and I was


I just don't have the words here.

What can I say about my ongoing obsession with the Girls Next Door. Best to just ride with it I suppose.

This clip has a commercial in the beginning, but wait, it'll come.

Leave the comments about the clip. Please, comment away :)

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B.E. Earl said...

Blog discipline is a tough thing. I try to post once a day during the week and maybe once over the weekend. Sticking to that pretty well. It's an outlet, ya know.

Best of luck with the new direction.

I have no comment on the clip. Won't be watching. Feh.

James said...

I didn't get it? The clip was about nothing just 2 airhead girls

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

I was a good sport, I gave it the old college try. I failed miserably. I made it to the foreign language lesson.


See you on Mondays & Fridays!!

Holly Hall said...

Everyone: FINE! I'll just keep watching this stuff and think to myself ;)

B.E. Earl: yes, it is an outlet. I didn't realize how neglected my creative energies have been till i started the blog de senora hall. :)

James: Oh-I'm gonna email you about what this video is all about. just you wait!!

Cam: Thanks for playing and being a good sport. And really, it doesn't get any different the longer you watch it. Just more dolly parton hair and triple d boobies.

lord howdy!

Bruce said...

The sexiness of the women in bikini's is tempered by the fact that there first goal is to keep their hair dry, and their second goal is to keep the ball out of the water.....hmmmm, that is going to be fun game to play.

The ex-girls next door is sort of a train wreck....you feel guilty for watching, but just can't turn away....must be the boobies.

Holly Hall said...

Yeah seriously, the goals of keeping ones hair dry should not outweight kicking some ass in the game of what ever the hell they are playing.

but i disagree with the trainwreck. I mean, this bridget, this job of travelling to sexiest beaches, this is her um, dream.

her dream i say.


but yeah, you are right, prol'l is the boobies that keeps me watching.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Blondes and beaches and no Beach Boy music...what will they think of next?

I started my blog to keep in touch with like minds.

Probably the best way to post is the approach that you are taking, a few post a week, which makes the post deeper more enriching for you and your readers.

Holly Hall said...

Yeah, there is an absence of music here. And really, what the girls are saying,well, it doesn't really matter.

but yes, I want this blog to be enriching, not just a daily diatribe of my life.


thanks for reading Ole Blue!!


sista #2 said...

I wish I were a writer. My children are very good at writing, the mother, not so much.

The sista's blog is exactly what our life is like. Laughing and carrying on.......all the time.
My children get it, they live it, poor things.

Ours is enriching in a twisted sort of way :)....


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