Friday, January 30, 2009

Nude modeling, zombies and finishing up that pesky interview

four: Do you ever yearn to go back to the punk look of your youth? Got any pics from back then you wanna post? Or from when you were a nude model? (Just kidding about the last one...kinda)

No, no urge to relive the punk years. Not in hair cut form or in life style choices. It is a relief, when the crazy ends. and breathe . . . .

As far as the art (from when I was a nude model) I am sure it's out there. I can tell you though, I was the most requested model in the bunch. I was an awesome model. I could hold difficult and interesting poses for 45 minutes. I started out as an artist so I knew how to make a good pose, how to inspire people.

My favorite classes to pose for were the continuing ed classes for seniors. They were always so nice. And dedicated to their craft. They would bring me cookies. I miss all those old ladies and gents. It was so avant garde, so sophisticated, so safe. I was encouraged to to become living art, by seasoned artists.

There is magic to being a nude model for life drawing classes. The artist takes your image and filters it through their imagination, their skill level. You are a muse. It is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

five: I'm glad to see you've included "zombies" as one of your interests on your profile page. Care to change your thoughts on heading to Vegas when the zombies attack? De-composed flesh in that heat would be a bit stinky!


I would head to Las Vegas so I could pursue my other life long dream. To be a performer in the Cirque De Solei. The show I would perform in, why O of course! This would be akin to dissolving my life into pure magic. :)

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B.E. Earl said...

Phew! That's finally done! ;)

Love the new look of the joint.

James said...

I did a year of life drawing at night classes. It was great. Then I did regular life drawing classes when I attended art school for two years.
The funny thing was, in the night classes they could only get male models no females, but in the art school they could NEVER get a male model ONLY females. They had a skeleton in a cupboard too, I was the only student who used to get that out to draw. I found it didn't move as much.

Surely Holly you are too young to have been a punk? I was a punk back in 77-78.

PS I will put another wednesday post up today or maybe tomorrow. I have much health stuff to report...

Holly Hall said...

Earl: Yeah, seriously, next time I will just choose the best questions. and thanks, I rather like it myself ;)

James: Hands down I prefer a female model. No need to be staring at a nekkid man for two hours. Especially since the men were usually older. But, there ya go.

ok um, yeah. looking forward to the health post. and punk is like everything else, every generation revinvents what has been there all along.

i am the diva said...

oooh, i've always wanted to be a nude model!

Holly Hall said...

I am the diva: Well, you can always give it a go. The key to finding work is to call local colleges (specifically thier art departments) and inquire about modeling for life drawing classes.

As for me, my time is done for such things. I just don't have the chops for it.

o btw THANKS for becomming a follower! :)

Slyde said...

i love the new look too..

You're not asian anymore!

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

that site up there better not be spam or a virus Mr. Anonymous.

But thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed you stay at La Blog De Senora Hall.

Please come again.

If your not a spammer I mean ;)

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