Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drunk blogging about Lost and Cadavers

So cool this poster, no?

I worked out so much my body was kind of screaming in pain. Turns out, if you never lift weights and then you do 'circuit training' and do three sets of fifteen, turns out, your body will bite you back. I was in so much pain. I feel like my arms have been ripped off and the rest of me run over by a truck.

Until I had two rums and cokes. I am merely sore at this point.

So, watching the sci fi channel, enjoying time with Mr. Hall and having inebriated thoughts about cadavers and the show Lost. Both of which are on the sci-fi channel.

First, the cadavers

Thought spurred by alcohol #1:

(Saw a promo of the show "Ghost hunters". Apparently, it's a show where paranormal experts film their activities of hunting ghosts using night vision cameras. The promo was about the evidence they found of ghosts milling about in some house.)

(I say to Mr. Hall)- "Yeah, I don't get it. I mean, why is it so hard to believe that people leave their bodies and the energy is milling about the place. I mean, seriously. I have worked with cadavers, they are dead. There is nothing there. But that doesn't mean their energy is gone.

It would be kind of irritating though, if their energy was hovering over the tank. Getting irritated at all the students poking around in their dead body. WELL! to them I say-- YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SIGNED THE CONSENT FORM. The one that said, 'I want to donate my body to science.' "

Thought spurred by alcohol #2:

(An older episode of Lost comes on)

(Again, I say to Mr. Hall), "I think I need to temper my hatred of the characters on lost. I mean, well, maybe just lighten up a little. I think I just have a problem with their moral fiber."

OK so let's begin,

Jack Shepard: I totally understand what his deal is. Alcoholic, emotionally neglectful Dad. Fine. But, at this point the "DOCTOR" has to realize he has a problem with the booze and benzos. Which is fine. I have hope for even the worst addict. No moral judgments here.

IT'S THE FACT THAT HE STILL PRACTICES MEDICINE. Turn in your fucking license, Shepard. You are no longer in the service of others, you are only serving yourself.

Kate: Ok, so what have we learned Kate? We have learned that when you stepped off the plane, the rescue plane, THERE WAS NOONE FUCKING THERE FOR YOU. It is time to take stock. Time to develop the availability of emotions. Time to reach out. And don't start with Jack, ya'll are no good together. Like to emotional retards. Oh wait.

And I don't care what anyone says. The scenes with her and Aaron are flippant and she doesn't even begin to look like a mom. Maybe I am just jealous of how she looks in pencil skirts. What with the flat tummy. But, as God as my witness, I shall be there again. Oh yes. Oh yes.

Either way, if no one shows up for your homecoming after being lost on an Island forever, then fucking take stock and grow some friends.

Hurley: I have no beef with Hugo. I do have beef with the actor though. He seems reasonable enough. Except he is FOUR HUNDRED PLUS POUNDS. I am tired of this. I want health for him. For now, he is a jokey guy. Covering up pain.

although, that's CHEECH!!! his dad is CHEECH!!! And I loved the scene where Hugo told the truth to his Mom. No one can lie to their mom.

And because I am pooped and sort of passing out, I end with:

Sawyer: hmm. Still have hopes for him.

Wait, don't forget Linus: Psychopath, pathetic, no longer the chosen one and still smarting. He is more of a weasel really. A psychotic weasel, but a weasel nonetheless.

I guess, in the end, I can still root for Loc and Desmond. Maybe Sayid. As long as keeps his shirt off.

BUT DESMOND IS STILL PURE. But yet, not my favorite character.

Basically, the people from Lost suck for the basic reason. They are not geniune to who they are. They are all lying.
All subterfuge.

but, it is causing me to blog whilst I am under the influence. The show must be doing something right

And I've travelled this far with the Losties, no turning back now.


(o btw, the photos and the links were linked stone cold sober :)

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Slyde said...

you made all those in-depth character analysis' while you were drunk?

you go girl!

just be careful about what you say concerning my Losties.... i loves them guys...

B.E. Earl said...

Sayid and Locke are my two favorite characters and backstories on the show.

I go back and forth on Jack. He's riding a high pick for me right now.

Bruce said...

I am happy to say, that I have never watched one episode of this show.....and STILL have no desire to do so.

James said...

I'm with you Bruce....the only program I watch on TV ALL YEAR is The Apprentice (The original UK version ) The next series should be on very soon now...

Holly Hall said...

Slyde: Well, I just got the thoughts down whilst I was wasted, i've been thinking them for some time. And I give constructive critism cause I love. really I do.

Earl: Yeah, I mean, Jack is coming around. And it does look like he stopped practicing medicine. Which is fine. But, he lacks depth. Plus the actor is form Party of Five. It all feels very reunited boy band when I see the actor. I judge too harshly though eh?

Bruce: BRRRUUUUUCCCEEEEE!!! Did you know that Bruce Springteen has a new album out. It is getting really good reviews.

James: JJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMESSSSSSSSS!!! Sawyer's real name is james. no lie there.


OH NO, no no, no one comment on the cadavers. After all, that wasn't interesting was it?


GeologyJoe said...

the new season of Lost seems to be shaping up pretty good.

Big Pissy said...

LOST is one of my favorite shows.

It....and Gossip Girl.

What does that say about me, Holly??? ;-)

Kate said...

I could never nail down what drove me nuts about Jack, and you've made it all crystal clear for me now. Thanks. What a douch bag he is. And, you know, I just want to say to him, GET OVER IT DUDE!

I heart Hurley, too, but yeah, it's weird that hollywood hasn't got him all slimmed down.

Desmond is quirky and hot, Sayid is well, a character I can not relate to AT ALL, but.. none the less, hot.

Sawyer. Mmmm. Yum. Eye candy.

Kate.. Oh Kate, how beautiful you are on the outside. The whole being mom thing makes no sense to me either. And meanwhile, what has she been doing for a day job while she's been off the island? Secretary for an insurance company? Realtor? Teen councilor? Hmmm?

Oh, and because nobody commented on the dead bodies, I'll just say, good points. And I am reminded of that old movie.. um.. shit. I can't remember. Kieffer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon.. um... arg. sorry. You must have seen it.. about making themselves dead and coming back to life again?

Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe: Yeah, the new season looks good :)

Pissy: What it says is that you have good taste in shows!!

Kate: Yes, we are in agreement here ;)

and the movie is Flatliners


Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe: Yeah, the new season looks good :)

Pissy: What it says is that you have good taste in shows!!

Kate: Yes, we are in agreement here ;)

and the movie is Flatliners


Kate said...

Thank you!
It's not the first time I've forgotten the name of that movie.. but I like it. Lot's of cadavers, too.

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