Monday, February 2, 2009

The blogless BadgerDaddy, he speaks!

This is not the profile image of BadgerDaddy. He does not have one, yet.

(PSST-Before we begin, at the end of this post is a question for everyone who reads this blog)

Ok-so-Ya'll know about the interview experiment right?

If no, it goes like this: one blogger interveiws another, the questions/answers are posted on the appopriate blog, readers of that interview request to be interviewed in the comments, they are interviewed, they post their answers on the appropriate blog, etc etc . . . on and on. And again, if you would like to be interviewed, please indicate that in the comments. :)

BadgerDaddy was interested in being interveiwed, but alas, he has no blog. But does that stop Mrs. Hall??!! HECK NO!! I still interviewed him and here are his answers. They are quite interesting. He uses the word 'titwank', which I promptly added to my vocabulary!

The interview of the Blogless BadgerDaddy

By: Mrs. Holly Hall

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?

There are so many answers to this. Exercise kinda clothing, I have a pair of Skins compression tights which I love, and they look ridiculous on me. I like wearing them when running, people don't know what to make of it. I have some lovely football shirts too, some of which were gifts that I'm very fond of. Oh, I have a great pair of socks too, made by brasher... They're amazing.

To be honest though, I don't pay much attention to my clothes, to my wife's chagrin - she thinks I should be showing my arse and thighs off more. I could always go trouserless, I guess.

Actually, writing about her has helped me realise what my favourite article of clothing is. It's two, actually; we did the Vegas half marathon the day we got married, and the souvenir shirt from that is pretty special. And we had t-shirts made for the wedding itself, as a souvenir, and my 'The Groom' t-shirt holds joint first place.

2. How many push ups can you do?

A few. With someone on my back, I can only do maybe three or four, depending on how heavy they are. In one go, I can comfortably do 30 to 40; if I get to take a break between sets, I can do absolutely loads!

3. What did you think of Prince Harry's scandalous tape released recently?
He's young, but that's no excuse for being an absolute titwank.

4. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Would that I knew what a woodchuck was. This, then, is guesswork. My guess is, very little. The woodchuck in my imagination is very self-aware, and after chucking just a small amount of wood, he begins to wonder 'why?'

5. Why did you stop blogging and erase the archives?

My first blog was exceptionally candid, and was for the wider world, not the narrow one around me. When that was 'discovered', I actually moved house; being pointed out once in the street is quite enough. The second blog, the last one, was never as much fun. I worried about it being found, as I had moved back to my home town, and in the interim I had got married and taken on a stepdaughter. I didn't want her or my lovely wife getting any shit because of me and my sense of humour.

I do miss blogging, but I wouldn't do it again while I live in this town. Fresh eyes and new experiences make blogging fun, and my life here is affected very strongly by history, and it's just not the same. I couldn't have written about the last six months without mentioning my in-laws, for example, and if that had been read about, it could have caused even more trouble than I caused on my own.

As for deleting the archives, the temptation to start again would have been too great if I'd been able to look back at times when I had mildly amused someone, once. Ah, those glory days. Well, glory day.

Also, and this is a major part of it, I found that most of my energies were going in to work and blogging. I'd like to get a few novels started and see where they go; there's no way I'd do that if there were a blog running as well. It seems, internally, to be an either/or scenario. So the blog had to go, and I still haven't started because I've got too much work on... Ho hum. But by the end of February,

I'll have something rolling and we'll see what happens.

Enough of my burble. Thanks for the questions.


How often do you read my blog, what do you like/dislike? (I've stopped keeping track of visitors so I am just curious :)

I stop by your blog reasonably frequently - you're on a live bookmark, so I see new posts. When I have time, I even read them! There's no right, wrong, good or bad with blogs, because they're so personal. The ones I dislike are the impersonal ones - what's the point?

10 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

I read your blog every time you post something new. I generally read it in the feed reader unless I am inclined to comment. In that case, I come here directly.

James said...

I read every entry. I just feel you are an interesting person; and you like art.

Caz said...

hi lady :)
hope you're well. I haven't been here for a while. apologies, but my life has been turned upside down(!!!!) so i reckon i have a great excuse :)

Kate said...

I stop by whenever I see you've written a new post. I like your writing and your candidness and your sense of humor. You're what I call "a groovy girl."

Slyde said...

i stop by 2-3 times a week, and you are one of the few blogs i read where, if you have posted a number of posts, i try to read all of them.

p.s. badger need to blog again...

GeologyJoe said...

I read when ever I see a new post.
then come back if I comment, to see if you reply.

Holly Hall said...

To all of the above:


really, thanks.


Mrs. Hall

Big Pissy said...

I try to stop by daily. If I don't get a chance to do so, I catch up on all of your posts at my next visit.

I live your writing style. You've led (and still lead) an interesting life. I enjoy your candidness about your life. :)

Bruce said...

I try and swing by once or twice a week to catch up on what you have written. It varies by my workload at the office and what I have planned around the house.

Why do I keep coming back. You have a colorful past (made mistakes and learned from them) and I love the way you ramble / concious stream.

K.D. said...

Hi there. Well I read your post, and I was warned, so I feel obliged to answer! Even if you posted it two years ago. I just found your blog a few days ago (thanks to my blogspot "next blog" addiction). Your writing is so honest, and expressive, and hilarious. Your hubby is a lucky guy, but based on your blog, it sounds like you're a very lucky lady too
Oh yeah, your question. How often? Well, I'll read all the posts because I'm following your blog and it's a good read.
p.s. If you're still doing the interview thing... I would submit to 5 questions. That's kind of scary for me because my blog is so much less candid than yours. But maybe just what I need.

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