Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Posting about shrinkage, most every wednesday

Ok, so.
On Wednesdays, I am will post about my current pro-active activities regarding my health.

Or, what can be called...

My quest for shrinkage.

Or, losing some wieght and gaining some strength.

I will also discuss the tv show "The biggest loser."
I am bringing some friends in on this, Pissy, Michelle K, and James. (And when you or you do do a post on this, lemme know and I will link to it).

I watched the premerie last night. I watched it with my mom. Let me repeat that, I watched it with my mom. This was an activity frought with contention. But, there we were, watching the biggest loser.

For those unfamiliar, The Biggest Loser is a show on NBC that has about 14 couples that compete in a weight loss competition. These are very large people, ranging from 250-500 lbs. At first, from the looks of it, all of the people were very excited to be part of the program. The first hour was about learning where they would be living-a sequestered house. They learned what they would be doing-working out 8-12 hours a day under supervision of medical staff and two trainers. They also learned the physical consequences of being some 300 lbs+.

Which, as a nurse, I have seen before. When I worked as a pediatric nurse, I saw kids that needed a large, adult size blood pressure cuff. I saw nine year olds being diagnosed with diabetes type II. Big, big kids, sitting next to their big, big Moms and big, big Dads.

Later, I saw 25 year olds on 12 different types of pills. One or two or three--for each diagnosis The diagnoses being diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, heart problems. It all sucked. Seeing this. As a nurse you care about your patients. And when your patients are on that many pills, and they are maxing out the dosage, there is not much else you can do. Change needs to happen for these people. But, the sad fact is, change only happens from within. Which means you can't make it happen for the people you care about.

People like my mom and dad. Both are big and on many, many pills. Both hate for me to bring it up. I use to hate them for it. Part of me just doesn't care anymore. I think I have come to the conclusion that I cannot affect change in them. This is the reality here folks.


Children often learn how to think and do by what their parent think and do. You can inherit thinking and behavioral patterns without even knowing it. And so, about two years ago, I found myself to be very big. I needed help. I went to counseling, joined weight watchers, persued yoga and dammit it was hard. Very hard emtionally. But I came through healthier then I have ever been. It is through struggle that we learn the most no?

Yet, the underlying, unseen mechinisms at work--are still working. They are especially active now that I am back in the milleu of ill health. Overeating and being defensive is the norm at my parent's house. My challenge is not to be triggered by such patterns. Triggered into repeating them I mean. And I was recently losing this challenge.

So, let me stop all the psycho-blather and usage of big words and get down to the nitty gritty.

Goals for next week/how I will meet them:

1. Get more effing sleep. This will be accomplished by blocking out blogger and all the blogs I love from my home computer. I blog after the kids go to bed. It is intellecutally stimulating. I get all keyed up and stay up too long. This sucks, but it for the greater good.

2. Drink more effing water. I will bring a big jug of the filtered stuff from the grocery store and drink away.

3. Watch my eating late at night. This is the time when I seek out foods and relaxation. I will drink warm yummy tea. Perhaps a yummy apple.

There you have it folks, one post down, a life time to go.

Go forth and sin no more!

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Slyde said...

beleive me missy, if you stop eating late, and drink more water, you will begin to see a slow and steady weight loss.

its not quick (if you dont do anything else that is), but you will see it.

Big Pissy said...

Slyde is right.

You and I both know what we need to do.

We can do this! Girl Power!!!! LOL

p.s. the Biggest Loser was SO depressing to me...

Bruce said...

I have to add my two cents here. (Kudos for watching the Biggest Loswer WITH your mother....that took some guts).

Weight is a huge issue in this society due to several inter-twining things. Media stereotypes, over consumption and consumerism, lack of phyiscal activity, but my biggest gripe is 'stress' and the way we deal with it. To many folks self medicate with food or drugs. Remove the stress and you are going to feel better. Unplug the machines we are tied to and the world is even a happier place.

We dig our own holes and never figure out how to climb out.

Kate said...

Oh Holly Hall you are one gutsy girl and I applaud you for that! I will support you from here.

I watched the whole season of BL last season, and watched the premier of this season the other day (um, except I often fall asleep during that last half hour)..

I am fascinated and inspired by the people on the show, even that Be-otch that did NOT win last season. I wish everybody could be on the BL, especially some people I've met and seen up here (er, down here, to you) in Maine.. If only we could all have two trainers and doctor supervision when we need to shed that much weight.

It's a beautiful thing to see the contestants lose the pounds and emerge with a new personality and perspective on food and inner feelings. I only wish they didn't have the "game" part of the show, but then, that wouldn't be good television I guess.

I hope the show inspires you, too, but from what I'm reading about your mom, well, old habits... You on the other hand, can do it!

Don't eat after 7 pm.
Drink water or tea. Or snack on one apple.
Walk as much as possible.
Yoga rocks! I miss yoga class.
You go girl.

Holly Hall said...

Slyde: Yes, there are good ideas!


Bruce: Well said! Here here! It is complicated how people get how the get, but I am determined to climb my way out very simply.

Kate: Thank you for your kind words! And yes, yoga is the best!

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