Sunday, January 25, 2009

That's one way to learn

“I’ve never really learned anything new, I just didn’t recognize it the first time.”-
Tom Petty quoted in Esquire magazine

I was listening to one of three HARD ROCK stations around here and low and behold what do my ears here? The Offspring. Which snapped me back to a time, some four months before I met Mr. Hall. I was absolutely done dating anyone remotely like I had dated before.

However, I had never dated anyone unlike I had dated before, so I didn’t know what the heck I was looking for. Except for a guy with a car and a job. Who didn’t yell, do drugs or have a habit of sucking the life out of me. The car and job were not negotiable.

I remember this one guy, who I met at a political rally of some sort. I had just gotten back from my year abroad. He had his own organic garden. But, he also was an avid and responsible hunter. We talked about a recent episode of Jeopardy. I remember going to his house, with a small group, and having sushi. Ixnay on the hombre was playing in the background.

And if I would’ve known then, what I know now, I would’ve gone for it. I liked him. It was a sparkle like, not a full on passion like. But, like nonetheless. Seriously. Here was a man of great sensitivity, yet undeniable masculine energy. With a car and a job. Who was good looking and worked out. He was all pecs ahoy and such.

I just didn’t recognize it the first time. I didn’t recognize men of warmth and character who can bend steel bars. I did the second time though.

Enjoy the video, and here’s hoping you recognize something that has been there all along.

If that link doesn’t work anymore, try this:

No self-esteem

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B.E. Earl said...

My favorite video and song from those guys is Gotta Get Away. The slow buildup to the utter chaos of the mosh pit goes along great with the opening of the song.

Besides that song though...feh. Always thought The Offspring were a bunch of posers.

Holly Hall said...

Earl: Yeah, I think The offspring are good for what they are but they aren't much. I think it is matter of not enough complexity to the base of their music. It is clever music, sometimes.

I can even forgive the lack of depth, and their is earnestness. But, it just isn't solid nor bendy enough.

I did try to represent them well here by choosing their most earnest and heartfelt songs. After all, they are chasing their dream.


Bruce said...

"He was all pecs ahoy and such", .....the female mindset never ceases to amuse me.

GeologyJoe said...


Slyde said...

no self-esteem used to be my theme song for myself... really.

Holly Hall said...

Bruce: Glad I can entertain and amaze with my female mind :)

Geo-Joe: Hey hey yerself!

Slyde: Yes, the no self esteem song is so very very telling about the sad state one can be in. But, admitting you have a problem is the first step. :0

Kate said...

It's a good thing you woke up the second time and smelled the Mr. Hall!

(and sorry, didn't watch the vid.. later I will, when I have more time..)

Holly Hall said...

Kate: Yeah, I don't think the vid is worth it really. :)

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