Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Then I made my Mom cry

My mom and I were in the car this afternoon. With the kids in the back. She ran through a list of things she wanted to make sure I was doing while Mr. Hall is gone. Like laundry, dishes and showering. I don't think she realizes I have a master's degree. These lists she gives me are insulting.

I can run my life just fine.

But . . . she picks the kids up from school and helps out while Mr. Hall is gone. So I listen and say nothing.

Then things start to get heated. She brings up ONCE AGAIN that I need to have Pancake call my brother, her Uncle Roy, to sell him girl scout cookies.

I sigh. I can't help it. I am not wanting to do this. I don't want to remember to do this. I don't care to do this. But . . . she picks up the kids from school and helps out while Mr. Hall is gone. So I listen and say nothing.

She notices I'm not saying anything. She can tell I'm getting pissed off at her request. So she says, "I've helped you out a lot the last couple of weeks, the least you can do IS DO THIS FOR ME." (she says this through gritted teeth).

It's at this point I realize she's gone off the rails. I also realize this phone call she wants me to make-- is not about cookies. Ya see, last year, I saw my brother twice. Once during Christmas and the other time, oh wait, I just saw him at Christmas. Maybe he lives to far away. Oh wait, he lives 15 minutes from me.

I call and make offers to get together. But, eventually I stop. My brother and I have nothing in common. And he doesn't return my phone calls. Roy is a selfish human being who is missing out on the best kids in the world. He doesn't make family a priority, so I just let it drop. I'm ok with it. My Mom . . notsomuch. This is why she's getting pushy with the phone call.

And she picks up the kids from school and helps out while Mr. Hall is gone. So I listen . . . . and say:

"Ok. Got it. filed away, lets move on please!"



At this point I should just say OK SORRY and stop but I don't. I say this:

"It's not my fault he's allergic to calling his niece, if he wants cookies he can call. "

At that point, my Mom begins to yell at me, "ALLERGIC?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???" I realize she's kind of shrieking. Scolding and shrieking and all I can think is that my kids are in the back seat.

"Mom, don't . . . not in front the kids."


And that's the last thing she said. And then she stopped yelling. And the radio was off. And the kids sat in back all silent. Which was weird. Normally the kids are bugging the crap out of each other with the hees touching me and shees looking at me. But no, all quiet and my Mom's eyes were welling up. All red.


My mom and I have had too much contact since Mr. Hall has been gone. It's starting to get to us. It fuels my Mom's pattern of temper explosions, then two days of not talking, then pretending it never happened.

Which is great. Two more days and Mr. Hall comes home. So during the next two days she's going to give me the silent treatment!


hee hee hee . .

(o and btw. I had Pancake make the stupid call. hope your happy!)

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Lotus07 said...

I am not trying to be fippant her, but this is a very good blog. Been there, done that, with various relations over my lifetime. Eventually, parents are just like children in diapers, except they call them 'Depends'. Just keep thinking of that government job in Southern California during the next decade. (so how is that snow blower thing working out....figured it out yet?) will be near 27 degrees tonight in ARIZONA...happy?)

Mrs. Hall said...

the snowblower continues to vex me.

but then the brakes went out in my care.

God is trying to teach me to simmer down.

all fixed now.

Soon. . . soon we will move.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The silent treatment--I've been enduring my latest dose of that for almost 3 years now!
I almost hated to laugh, but since I've been there myself, I did.

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