Thursday, February 10, 2011

Engineering argument turns melty warm

I'm totally sick this week, so here's some repost fer ya! :)

Mr. Hall and I think nothing alike. That is not to say we don't have the very same thoughts about marriage, kids, and life in general. We just get there differently. I, for instance, am a romantic. It is all hearts, stars and fluffy kitties up here, in my head. I believe in things. I have passion and righteousness. And thus it is.

Mr. Hall is an engineer. For those of you who do not know an engineer let me explain. The main ingredient in the engineer's thinking is logic. There are not a lot of words. As a result, the words he does say carry extra importance. It is a tidy and efficient world up there, in Mr. Hall's head.

Which works to my advantage, because I am boundless.

When I feel in love with him, it was very easy. He's good looking, smiles easily, had a job, a ford taurus and was so nice. He asked me about me and we talked endlessly. Knowing him now though, I know how he fell in love with me. It was involuntary. He felt pulled and followed the pull. He was a bit befuddled by it all.

Which brings up s to present day.

In my head, I have all sorts of inventions. I run them past the engineer Mr. Hall. So far, none of my inventions have panned out.

My best idea was the Poor Man's Air Conditioner. It works like this: a ice pack, with openings, is attached over the face of a fan. Then- the air flows over the ice pack and gets cooled down and you get the poor man's air conditioner. Wha-la! Ima genius!

This idea was shot down by Mr. Hall. Won't work he said. The pack would melt and you could get (air quotes) cold air for 10 seconds. Just won't work he said. And the ice pack will block the air, so the room will get hotter. Sorry babe, just won't work. Still love you though. And a kiss on the cheek closes the assessment.

I tried to argue. There has to be a way I say! If we just work the angles, maybe it will work.

Alas, I lost this engineering argument. If there is one thing I hate, it is trying to argue against logic. You just can't win. This was 3 years ago.

Wait for it....

Wait for it....



Can't say I didn't feel a little righteous when I came upon this beauty last week. After all, I was right, eh?

Well, no.

The one review I found confirmed Mr. Hall's predictions. Gel pack lasted 30 seconds, blocked air coming through. Actually made room warmer.

This was disappointing. After all, the romantic in me still believes anything is possible. Logic notwithstanding. So maybe, in some alternate universe this thing works. But not ours, not yet anyway.

But, I will always have Mr. Hall to run my inventions through his intricate engineering mind. And when he points out my mislogic, he does so while patting me on the can. A girl can have everything, eh?

3 Left a message at the beep:

RW said...

I've been trying to figure out how to make a reverse microwave that froze things in seconds... without killing the person using it.

Lotus07 said...

Stick to what you know....helping the mentally infirm. Leave the inventing to the testosterone endowed.

(hope ya feel you can shovel more snow....bwahh, ha, ha, ha)

Mrs. Hall said...

R W-I'm on it!

L 7-ha ha ha. Not funny loser!

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