Friday, February 25, 2011

Slowing the merry go round

First off:

DON'T FORGET TO ENTER MY ZOMBIE CONTEST. Cause you know that I know that you know you love Zombies!!

Now onto the irony of ovulation. Which I test most days these days to make sure when I am and to make sure when to do certain things. I test around 5 pm when i get home from work. When I get home from work the kids are all excited to see me.

Which is one of the advantages of being a working Mom. The kids get to have their school day, with their friends. I get to have my work day, being helpful to humanity and we all meet back up at five oclock and talk about our adventures. Another advantage? Driving a Jetta. Heated leather seats people, heated leather seats!!

But I digress.

So as I'm testing my ovulation the kids are banging on the bathroom door. They also get in the way of Mommy and Daddy time. Which complicates getting pregnant. OH THE IRONY!!

Yeah, ovulation. It's different these days, the merry go round of getting knocked up. Things are taking longer then expected and I'm starting not to care. Lemme explain.

Wait, that will take to long. Lemme sum up.

Exactly 12 months ago I became pregnant with my third child which we lost. Then, four months after that we lost another. Since then it's been a matter of cooperating with my ob-gyn, I REALLY DON'T LIKE COOPERATING. And lots of healing and now we are trying again. I did all the stuff I'm suppose to do and it's taking longer to get pregnant this time.

Which suddenly I'm fine with.

I just don't get all spinney on the merry go round. I am enjoying myself these days. Which is fun. Great fun.

Honestly, how can it not be when I see this guy every morning?

(the wee Mac with his thomas the train shoes!!) (the black socks are his Daddy's fault!)

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the queen said...

Heated SEATS! Yeah!
Then again, maybe someones sperm is getting too warm....

Mrs. Hall said...

Heated seats are the life blood of my life blood.

but yeah, maybe the heated seats heat the sperm up too much!


Lotus07 said...

Just to be perfectly clear, you 'keep' all the pregnancy test strips and date each one? ..... and the reasoning behind this is????

Mrs. Hall said...

those are not pregnancy test strips, they are ovulation test strips. they measure the surge of LH (lutenizing hormone) which surges before a woman ovulates.

the numbers on the side (day 12 14 15 etc) are the days of the cycle. most women have a 30 day cycle. day one begins with her menses.

a woman's most fertile time is during the middle of the cycle (day 12-16).


those are not my ovulation sticks.

just a photo I found on the web.


Lotus07 said...

I knew there had to be a logical explanation for this.

Mrs. Hall said...

miracles can be born out of logic. :)

Mel said...

Sometimes things work best when you just enjoy the ride. I've been where you are, getting pregnant with my first 6 months after I quit trying, and tracking ovulation with those lovely sticks trying to conceive the second one. The miscarriages made me feel so helpless, but I focused on relaxing and enjoying the process of trying! Best of luck, and enjoy the ride.
And yes, what a cutie!

Mel said...

oops forgot to say that I couldn't bear another Illinois winter without my heated seats!

Mrs. Hall said...

Mel: yeah, there doesn't seem to be apoint in getting all excited and tracking so much anymore. because getting all tracking and excited has not produced nothing except a lot of peed on sticks!!

hee hee hee

and yes

Heated leather seats ROCK MAH WORLD!!

Anonymous said...

There can be no heated leather seats in the vw bus, but BUT, my friend Sherry has them in her SUV, and I loves them. Even in warmer weather, I like the sensation of a heated tooshie. :)

Life has simple pleasures like that and a wee Mac to make it all worthwhile, right?

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