Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is a burning thing

Mr. Hall and I have been married almost 10 years. AWESOME!

Recently I was watching him clean my windshield as we were filling up with gas at the gas station. My daughter pipes up, "Momma, why don't YOU ever get to get the gas? Why does Daddy always do it? When is it your turn?"

While he was on his business trip, several times a day, I would get unsolicited nsfw texts.

He still takes my multiple phone calls, throughout the day, with expectant glee.

One night, at about 11 pm, when all the lights were off, and everybody was supposed to be asleep- I heard my daughter holler from her room, "WHAT ARE YOU AND DADDY LAUGHING ABOUT!!!?? YOU'RE WAKING ME UP!!"

Yesterday, I was thanking him for taking such good care of me during my recent bout with fever sickiness. He completely took over the child care, the cooking, the cleaning, rubbing my back and tirelessly fetching me advil, gatorade and fresh tissues. And I said to him, "Ya know, I really thank you. You take such good care of me."

To which he replied, "Of course I do, you're my wife."

Happy Valentines Day!

1 Left a message at the beep:

Lotus07 said... cute......congratulations on the 10years......Sue and I are pushing 5.

(owww, nsfw text messages.....hubba, hubba.)

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