Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making his Daddy proud: the story behind this photo

This photo was taken about three years ago, behind Mac's old daycare. At that daycare, naps were taken on blue cots. They stack quite nicely.

After each nap, the kids would have snack. Mac devours snacks. He is a ferocious eater, like a little tyrannosaurus rex.

After he pounded teddy grahams and juice- he started to run around.

A half an hour later we picked him up. The teachers were all wide eyed and were staring at us.

"Mac threw up!", they said.

"Oh?," I said. "Huh. I wonder if he is doing ok?"

"No. You don't understand! He really THREW UP!! Go look outside!!"

So we did. And wow.

They had to hose down all the cots.

Yep, there's the wee Mac.

Making his Daddy proud!

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