Monday, January 24, 2011

I've been giggling about this all morning

offt. it was like the cough olympics last night. I would sleep for an hour, wake up coughing then force myself back to sleep, then a kid would wake up, then the cat threw up and gaaahh . . . .

(The Mrs. Hall, she leads a glamorous life no?)

And then my daughter needed something. It was 6.00 am. And well, duty called.

And I was so tired as I walked into the bathroom door. Yep that's right.

The door was slightly open and as I walked towards it BAAH BLAM-WHAM!!! and I kind of fell forward slamming it shut! It was so loud!

And my first thought was, "I hope this doesn't wake the kids!"

I mean seriously?? What the hell?? Did I think I could just WALK through the door? Did I think it was open? I mean, as I walking I felt something against my hands and then I realized, hey, that might be the doooo . . .


hee hee hee

OOooHHH that's good times! good times!! I've been laughing about it all morning.

Then THEN I dropped the kids off at school. It was my day off. And I slept for four hours. blissful whacked out sleep. hallicination type dreams.

It was awesome!!!

OK then. I'm going to bed soon. Wish me luck with tonight.

And be careful for all those doors out there!

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Deep Kick Girl said...


Last night we had dinner at Wooloomooloo Wharf here in Sydney and went for a walk afterwards. I was checking my Facebook on my phone as I was walking along and almost tripped over the wooden sleepers and into the harbour (which made me think of that lady who fell into the fountain in LA while texting and was all over the tv last week).

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Mrs. Hall said...

DKG!! soo funny!!

man! I would have Looveed to be that woman who fell into the fountain. THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

and I would have my funny immortalized!! :)

hee hee hee

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