Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That is odd for me.

My blog is changing. I can feel it. I use to write a lot of evocative stuff. Crazy, saucy stuff. Almost daily. It's different these days. It'll probably cycle back to that. But . . at this point, I do a lot of speaking in random thoughts and sentences.

Por ejemplo:

1. We bought our daughter a corn snake. They're itty bitty snakes. My daughter loves snakes. It turns out, the snake is helping me with my Henry sadness. He's a friendly fellow that makes me smile. And I say this: no matter who you are, GET A PET. They rock!

2. I put pink streaks in Pancake's hair. It wasn't that hard since she's a blonde.

Yes, I am the coolest Mom evah! (at least for now)

3. My Mom and I are getting along like gangbusters. It certainly helps that when she makes me mad, or says stuff like, "I don't think I was there for you enough when you were growing up"--when she says stuff like that--I don't start yelling and blaming. I don't yell because that's not going to help. And I'm not that angry anymore. She is here. She is here now. Maybe I'll even facebook friend her. ;)

4. Been thinking about my trust in God during this whole getting pregnant stuff again. I've not been focusing on the fruits of my labor-what with the pills, inserts and such, I've just been doing and trusting the Lord. The race to get pregnant was central conflict in my life. That conflict is now absent because of my faith. Pretty cool I must say.

Actually, as I grow in my faith, I become much, much quieter all together. Which is odd for me. I mean, I have ADD. I vibrate and chatter and hyper at baseline. And the more I go to women's bible study, go to Church, the more I turn my life over to God, the less I struggle and thrash around. And now Mr. Hall and I are going to couple's bible study starting this week. Woot!

Maybe that's why this blog as been thin as of late. This blog is me, telling my story, working out my inner chaos. And my inner choas is becoming less so.

Well . .

Huh . . .

Here's to growing some inner peace ;)

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Charlene said...

Contentment is something close to happiness. I'm there in my own life and it is about letting go of things that I cannot change and accepting what I can, and changing them.

Good luck in your quest.

Mrs. Hall said...

good luck 2 u 2.

Cam said...

I love Ani :)

Change is good... In flux, right? All of us?

I was wondering if this was going to be 32 Flavors because I like that one too, but my favorite FAVORITE Ani song is is Hour Follows Hour...makes me well up with tears every time.

Bruce Johnson said...

This is all cool and shit....just don't start quoting the scripture. Lets keep this a secular blog.......otherwise, I might have to un-friend you.

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: it is evocative stuff I tells ya.

Bruce: you can leave and be yellow, or stay and be challenged.

white rabbit said...

'There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall'.

(Cyril Connolly)

Actually, I don't believe a word of that. BULL-SHIT!!!

It's still okay to say bullshit, isn't it?'

*hopeful look*

white rabbit said...

A pram is indeed a baby carriage. I think it's a contraction of perambulator.

Glad to know I can come here any time I feel an attack of Tourettes coming on ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

Tourette away dude, tourette away ;)

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