Saturday, October 9, 2010

Balancing the wheel

About a year ago, the breaks on my bike started to rub. The front tire. I watched it rub and then not rub, then rub again and I would pedal on through. I contacted Geo-Joe, (who is a monumental bike enthusiast) for advice. He sent me some links and advice. Then, as the ADD brain is wont to do, I kind of faded out about it. The rubbing just got normal.

I just pedaled through it. I mean, it's not like I go that fast. See the crew up there? Do you think we go fast? Pancakes bike only goes one speed. ;)

Then one day I had had enough. I brought it to a bike shop and 15 minutes and 10 bucks later they balanced my wheel.

Now I cruise so much easier!

It's awesome the difference a balanced wheel can make.

ride on everyone!

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Charlene said...

The rubbing of your bike brake could be emblematic of how we put up with a small irritation until it, as you say, becomes normal.

Such as a dripping fauces in the second bathroom. SMILE

GeologyJoe said...

wow, that didnt take too long to get fixed. :)

fyi a bike wheel is 'trued' a car wheel is balanced.

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