Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Swirly Swirls

Being married provides a lot of fuel. There is no way I have to do this alone, this crazy life. I will always have someone who is nice to me and wants to hear about my day. Mr. Hall takes good care of me.

And I love it when, before he writes something, he swirls the pen on a piece of scrap paper to ready the ink.

I love it when, even with gatorade, he'll swirl his glass and sniff before he sips.

I love the way he takes his time with everything, even putting on a t-shirt. He'll fluff it out and gingerly place it over his head.

I love how he tackles all manner of handy man projects, figuring it out as he goes. And he does a good job because, as he says, "I may not know how to do it, but I care enough to do it right."

I love how he makes patient faces when we load furniture unto a moving truck. Letting me set the dresser down every so often to rest, never making a fuss about it.

I love it how crazy attracted he is to me, even after all these years. He's still bananas over me.

And I'm still crazy for him. He is my super man, my man of steel.

Happy Anniversary babe-love you.

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Heff said...

Awww.....now ya went and got me all Verklempt....

Mrs. Hall said...

here's a hanky Heff ;)

Maundering mutterer said...

Gotcha! You love Mr Hall, and he loves you! Wishing you both a wonderful forever together!

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