Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There was a poodle there last night

He kind of looked like this poodle here.

Last night I went a woman's house with 10 other ladies. It was a gathering of 'The Women's Group' from church. We ate finger sandwiches, drank lemonade and watched a video of a woman preacher. The video lasted about an hour.

Then we talked a bit. Although, the actual discussion happens two weeks from now. But, being women, we talked about how we felt and what the message meant to us. And it dawned on me-this was the first time I have ever gathered with a group of people and talked about my growing faith. It first time I said these things out loud to someone other than my husband.

This rocked my world in no small way.

At the end, when we were all gathering our purses and putting on our sandals. One of the ladies came up to me and said, "This is my first night at this group, how long have you been coming?"

Then I said, "This is my first night too!", and I smiled.

Then she looked puzzled and said, "Oh Wow! I really thought you had come before, like you already belonged."

And on the way home it struck me, I already do.


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Verdant Earl said...

Poodles are so much more interesting looking before they get foo-foo groomed.

Mrs. Hall said...

word up Earl!

Big Pissy said...

Awwww....that poodle looks a lot like Reuben ( my daughter's shih-poo).

Loved this post. :)

Heff said...

That dog needs some Fabu-Laxer(tm).

Slyde said...

poodles never did it for me. i'll take a nice labador or shepard any day of the week.

Mrs. Hall said...

Pissy :)

Heff: yeah, his curls are way to nappy.

Slyde: poodles, i dare say, are as tough and smart as labs and shepards. it's the stupid hair cuts that through people off.

seriously. they are tough mofo dogs!

white rabbit said...

Finger sandwiches????


I trust they take the bones and nails out first???

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