Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do I smell dog food?

The downward facing dog pose (I can almost get my heels to touch the floor!!):

When I was at yoga I smelled the weirdest smell--dog food. I mean, the yoga studio is on the third floor of an old office building down town.

So I thought, maybe the teacher brings her dog, puts out some kibble, and I look around looking for a bowl while doing the extended triangle pose and the half moon pose.

The Extended triangle pose (I love this pose because it kills my inner thighs-thus rendering the thigh master a non-needed item in my life):

And the smell gets stronger and I'm like WTF?? Am I having a stroke? Then I remember, it's a burning hair smell people smell before they stroke out--not dog kibble.

The half moon pose (The key to this pose is keeping abs tight, because THAT'S WHERE THE BALANCE COMES FROM-not your feet) I just figured that out recently, makes a huge difference:

THEN I SEE IT!! I am directly in front of a vent. Someone in the building must have a dog.


AND OH YEAH. The teacher is from Finland and had the same accent as the Swedish chef from the muppets. WHICH WAS EFFING HILARIOUS :)

good times, good times.

Now get out there and GET BENDY!!

2 Left a message at the beep:

Mrs. Hall said...

Just another chapter in the crazy life of Mrs. Hall up there. :)

Big Pissy said...

Oh, how I miss yoga!

Hope to get back to it after all the surgery, etc.

Happy 4th! :)

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