Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I done whoop some butt (update on yesterday's post)

the image maker of the image above, can be found here.

So, thanks for all your advice on yesterdays post.

Turns out, the solution was presented to me. And I was pissed. Pissed because I care about the local neighborhood punk kid. Pissed because I prayed for him. Pissed because I dedicated my yoga practice on Monday for him and the inner struggle I have for him. Pissed because I wrote whole post about my inner turmoil.

There was another act of taking another neighborhood kid's stuff. Another act of taking some kids stuff and destroying it. Only this time, it wasn't a skater kid his size and his age. It was a girl of five, younger then my daughter. Again, the local punk kid, he's ten. He took the little girl's toy and smashed it because he was mad.

And THAT'S IT. Enough.

He is no longer welcome at the House of Hall. I have told Pancake that no, he is no longer welcome. If he comes, he will be turned away. If he persists, she is to get us, her parents, and we will make sure he goes back home.

It vexes me still but at least now I have a solution. She will pursue other girls and boys her age, kids that have parents that care. Parents that guide and hold their kids accountable.

And I will still pray for that kid, I'm not going to put my daughter in harm's way. Because it's only a matter of time before he turns on her.

And that's that for now.

Let us breathe and turn our attention to brighter things. Funnier things. Things that include mah na ma na.

Ok everybody now, let us sing!

Thanks everybody, have a good night!

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B.E. Earl said...

See? That was easy. ;)

PS - This is so weird, considering that I just wrote about this, but I know where that image came from that you posted. The "done and done" image. It's from an artist named Natalie Dee. A friend of mine just mentioned her to me last week and I saw that image in her archives. Check it out:


In case you care, she doesn't mind embedding her images on your site, but she would prefer a credit link back to her site. Just sayin'. :)

Mrs. Hall said...

stop plucking at my conscience!

knock it off.



i'll credit it!

dang you fellow blogger of ethics!

Heff said...

You done did tha rite thang, Mrs. Hall.

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