Saturday, February 28, 2009

dummies in the ditch

ENUFF with the melodrama of last day's post!!!

I use to get upset when my otherwise calm and kind husband would laugh and point and say, 'another dummy in the ditch'.

I mean, it's kind of mean.

but, I got to thinking, and I want to say to all the cars out there

We all live in this state, I know because no one has out of state licenses.

I know because I checked.

Snow, sleet and icey road conditions are do not qualify as a surprise


so please, get off my ass, I can't see your headlights for goodness sake.

and stop acting all bad ass in your geo metro.

and if you don't, I will be forced to laugh and point, at you

the dummy in the ditch.

and now, if you'll excuse me, It's gonna take a while to get to work.

after all, I can only go 20 miles on the highway.

drive safe everyone

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Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Good Monday Mornin' to ya, Misses!

I was the dummy in the ditch on Valentine's Day one year! It was snowing and we were coming from town and the roads got really slick and hazardous really quick. Someone was trying to go too fast and slid over the center line and hit us head on. It wasn't a huge impact, as we were in fact, just sliding along at about 25 miles per hour, but it still was scary, going in slow slidey motion right into someone's headlights.

And, true story, the police officer that was assisting us got a radio call that prompted ALL county emergency personnel available to respond to a town south of us. (Which is a big deal cause ours was the 3rd largest county in the state) An army helicopter had just crashed en route to Fort Campbell.

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