Friday, February 13, 2009

The story behind the banner

The photo in the banner, as well as my profile image, is of me and Mr. Hall. After all, without him, this blog would have a different name, so I felt it only proper to include him.

Both photos were taken at a yearly Easter gathering. The gathering takes place on a farm that belongs to Mr. Hall's cousin. There is no better place than a farm for 15 kids to run around, going crazy, hunting for eggs. They love it. I have pictures from every year.

As far as the photo, it is one of 7. Mr. Hall and I are sitting on a lawn chair, on the deck of the house. I don't like any of the photos though. When this photo was taken, I had yet to discover the wonders of make up, so I look very tired. My roots are showing and my eyebrows need waxing. Plus, Mr. Hall well, he doesn't photograph the way I want him to. Ever.

You see, Mr. Hall is a very attractive guy. What with the strong jaw line, chin dimple, excellent cheek bones and manly forehead. And his eyes are startlingly blue. He is, by all accounts, a hottie.

It wasn't always so. When I first saw pictures of him as a teenager, I didn't recognize him. During his teenage years he wore coke bottle glasses, Napoleon Dynamite style. His mom dressed him about 10 years behind the times. Thus, his style was that of the 1970s. His wardrobe could be best described as brown, gold, weird polyester patterns, ill fitting, and dear god what is that? 1970s clothing. And his hair, well, the seventies weren't kind to hair.

When he met me, his sister had a tighter grip on him, clothing wise. He also had switched to contacts. The yuck was cast off and dear God what a hottie.

Maybe this is why he took to me, who by all accounts was positively feral at the time. Maybe this is why he is so kind, so nuturing, so sure of himself. He survived life looking very different. And really, this affects a person. He still doesn't see the hottie he is.

Either way, this is why he doesn't photograph well. His inner voice still says, no no, don't smile, don't relax. And he tends to distort his face for funny effect. Which pisses me off. I mean, come on! Jeff, you are a hottie and dammit start photographing like it. I take pride in my hot husband!

So no, me no like the photos.

Until I started to notice where his hands were. hee hee. Mr. Hall enjoys touching my tush. I never noticed that in the photos before. The man is always, very subtly messing with my tush in the photos. hee hee, he likes me. ;)

That is why I have cut the best part and now it's my banner. :)

O-and that thing in my hand, well, it is part of a bubble blowing gun. These things are pieces of junk. They are brought out every Easter gathering. The kids love them. They chase each other around, blowing bubbles.

This is a bubble blowing gun

Because children can't be bothered to blow bubbles anymore

unless the thing dies, which is always does :)

The inside of one for all who want to know how it works

But, again, pieces of junk. They break and stop working easily. And that thing in my hand is part of the gun. I prol'l opened one up trying to fix it.


and don't we all feel better knowing.
After all, knowledge is POWER!!


Have a good weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

You saw the issues Berg & I had in the 90's...

I feel ya, sister!!

dizzblnd said...

Awwwwww too bad he doesn't photo well.. I'd love to see a pic he sounds gorgeous but I guess his knees will do for now mmmmmmmmmmmmmm knees

Holly Hall said...

Cam: yeah, I mean, what the hell. well, the kids won't go through an ugly duckling phase! :)

dizzy blonde: if you look under the label wifey, you can sort of see him. :)

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