Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shrinkage and the double w

The double w is much cooler than saying Weight Watchers, I think.

Regardless of what I call it, I am back in its folds, surrendered once again.

And sure nuff, two weeks in, five pounds gone.

It's not really magic, this program.

Basically, it works under a system of points. The points can be thought of as dollars. I get 20 dollars/day to spend on the food I eat. After I eat, I enter the food into the log and viola! I see how much things cost.

It is a process of cutting through years of bullshitting myself in less than 2 seconds flat.

Instant truth I tell ya. And sometimes, the truth ain't pretty.

For instance, let's look at these staples from the Mrs. Hall diet:

*One three musketeer's bar-6 points

*One mac donald's egg mc muffin with sausage-11 points

*One serving pancakes from a restaurant-9 points

*Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce-16 points

Ponder that for a minute. Again, you get 20 points per day. This program introduced me to the idea of spending wisely, of getting the most for every penny I spend.

Sure, you get an extra 35 points, waiting in the background that you can spend throughout the week.

But still. Holy good God, what was I eating before?

After a while, I can't help but feel there is a conspiracy out there to keep me and the rest of America chubby. The more I look, the more I see. It is fascinating and irritating all at the same time.

But, this is the state of American fast and cheep cuisine. The food is all swaddled in blankets of fat and salt. This trains me to crave fat and salt. But, I am now saying, in the politest possible way, fuck you.

Fuck you stupid fatty food.

I am much better than all of it. I am a bonifide babe after all.

Thus, I am learning, relearning and growing.

For instance:

*Egg muffin, better'n eggs, wide slivers of sharp cheddar cheese and- 6 points

*4 Kashi pancakes (from their mix), smuckers sugar free syrup (delicious btw), and a touch of I can't believe it's not butter -7 points

*Spaghetti prepared healthily -5 points

*And that three musketeer's bar? Well, that I still enjoy, only about once a month.

See that, all of this means something. Means something less I mean. And when things are less, they matter more. My food is tastier and sexier. It's true.

Now, one can gain points by exercising. Which is the next part of all this. Well, the next part is to implement consistency in my exercising.

Cause dammit, the shit of it is, now that I have lost five points, my daily point allowance went down to 19.

Grrrr……! It is frustrating, letting go and giving in to the system. It is a matter of dropping huge chunks of pride from my ego.

I think I need a drink.

And hey, a cosmopolitan, why that is only four points, WEE HEE!!!

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Slyde said...

good for you for trying to stick with it with WW. Ive never tried it (mostly because my body is pure perfection), but i know a ton of people that its worked wonders for..

Holly Hall said...

Slyde: So funny you!!!

pure perfection :)

hee hee

Bruce said...

The concept of American food is so ridiculous it is amazing to me. Almost not on under 30 knows how to prepare food for themselves. It is some sort of 'artsy' thing that young people do. Most just consider Chili's or Applebees to be their dining room, McDonald's is their kitchen. The suits in glass towers have paid a lot of money in adverstising to give us this mindset, and it is evil I tell you, pure evil.

I recall one when I was camping in the Redwood forest and I had to stock up to make some breakfast in the morning, so I decied to make my own egg-mcmuffin to see if I could do Mikey-Ds one better. My McMuffin was made on a hamburger bun, with slabs of ham, real cheddar and three eggs a peice. Now, it wasn't more healthy, gawd, probably anything but, however, it didn't cost anymore than one from McDonalds, and there was wasn't any styrofoam container to fill up a landfill. Think outside the bun folks!

Holly Hall said...

Bruce: Yes, I am the under the 30 set (well, sort of I'm 33) and yes making one's own food is trendy.

and dang if I'm not setting a trend!!!


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