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Childhood Milestones not listed in the guidebooks

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So cool no?

"Childhood or Developmental Milestones" are what health care providers look at when determining the health of a child. They are somewhat predictable and age dependent. They include such things as rolling over, walking, potty training or sleeping through the night.

We are very blessed that each of our children have hit the milestones right on target. They are both very smart and emotional reactive. They exude all the magic of being a kid, all smiles and chubby cheeks and ferociousness climbing on monkey bars. We are so grateful for this.

Yet, when I was reading over this post, over at Slydesblog, I couldn't help but think that there are milestones that are not listed in the guidebooks. And here is a small list

Miraculous Milestones not listed in the guidebooks:

By Mrs. Holly Hall, mother of two kids (ages 6 and 2)

1. The first time the child sits through a DVD

Once my daughter began to crawl about, pull to standing, and toddle around, it was then my life became a game of "chase me-chase me."

"Chase me-chase me" are what children are all about. Again, having children means constantly engaging and directing their energy. Which takes a lot of energy.

But when they can sit down, and sit still for at least 45 minutes while watching a movie, HOLY LORD, HALLELUJAH!!

Manna from heaven!!!

Speaking of which, my daughter achieved this milestone at age 13 months, the movie--Nemo. The line 'manna from heaven' is from that movie.

Our son, well, he achieved this goal only recently at about 20 months. He is very energetic, our boy. Kind of like a pinball :) The movie--Wall-E. He has a crush on Eva

2. Making it into the bucket

The body of a child can be quite the fluid dispenser. Part of a child's learning process, as they develop, is learning how control the outgoing fluids and well, more solid things. This is what potty training is all about.

However, there is another miraculous milestone directly related to this.

About a year ago, when my daughter indicated she had "jelly in her tummy that needs to come out", I sprang into action like one of those tennis ball fetchers that hover and wait during the tennis matches. I fetched a bucket, towel and rain poncho.

I kid, I kid.

Well, not really. but, moving on . . . . .

However, to my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, the girl made it into the bucket.On her own volition. AND THEN GLORY BE!!! She rose up, went to the bathroom, CALMLY BRUSHED HER HAIR BACK, and made it into the commode. My jaw hit the floor! Eyes welled up!

To this day I am all misty about it. I mean, what can I say? I am still filled with pride over this.

3. Getting the idea of a time out

For the most part, kids understand much more than they can verbalize. At first anyway. This leads parent's to make comments like, "Oh, he's too young to understand". Also, kids also have the ability to switch on what I like to call, "the dumb face". It looks like this. But, if you scan the face, you can note a subtle smile in the eyes, an impish turn of the mouth. Thus, the dumb face can disguise the naughty face.

If you don't catch it, instructions such as, "Sweety, stop pulling the cat's tail" or "Honey, stop ripping pages from that book" or "Sweetheart, stop climbing into the refrigerator" are repeated over and over and over. I cannot tell you how batty it makes me, repeating things. BATTY! BATTY! BATTY!!! ABSOLUTELY BONKERS!!!

Ok, then, moving on . . . . .

It stops the day a parent says "Either stop or time out". And when the child twitches at the words 'time out', well, GLORY DAY!!!

And while the task of putting a very feisty two year old on a time out is taxing, and very hard at first, eventually it becomes route. Eventually . . .

When I think of who much energy I pour into these children, how much I give to them, I find myself so grateful. So grateful they are here, so happy I am their mom. I love you Mac and Pancake. I could not ask for better kids. :)

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dizzblnd said...

HA! Those are good ones.

You forgot one that I can name off the top of my head though.. The moment your once sweet child throws a fit and says "I HATE YOU" Ahhhhhh good times good times

Holly Hall said...

dizzblnd: Yes, that is a good milestone!

My daughter still tries this, but we both know it is an empty gesture. hee hee

Slyde said...

of course i concur... i was most pleased last summer when my little one finally sat thru our first, non-cartoon/cgi movie..

Holly Hall said...

Slyde: good lord man, what is this magic non animated, non cgi movie of which you speak?

oh wait. there is always a toddler toddling about and breaking stuff.

never mind.


I'm off to watch more spongebob.


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