Sunday, February 8, 2009

New things about me, all week

I have decided to completely turn over a new leaf.

Odd expression, turning over a new leaf. I mean, what the hell does that mean?

Well, for me, it means no longer dipping my toe into the pool of self pity. No longer wading in the ocean of my discontent. No longer swimming in a sea of spiraling negativity.


I am just bursting with crazy right now. grrrrr . . . . . .

Ok, so obviously a lot is behind this post, this crazy. And yes, a lot is tied to a lot in my life (as it stands right now) and it you are new to the blog well, sorry I just can't get into it right now.

Feel free to look around though, if you are new. Or no. The posts labeled Mr. Hall are nice. There is sometimes sexy bits. The Salyma Hayek posts have helped keep a marriage together (ok maybe that was an exaggeration :)

Wait, what was I talking about?



I am done being negative. Done feeling morose and laden with sadness. Well, the degree of this type of thinking and behaving was never that prominent. But still.

I see a life long pattern of absolute soul sucking self pity and spiraling negativity playing out before me every single day.

And yes, this is my parents' life. The well from which I sprang. They are fat, sad, and angry people and they irritating the fuck out of me.

So, this is what I am leaving. If not physically, then mentally.

I am outta here, GOING GOING GONE!!!

Yet another in a series this week of permanent changes.

Oh-you'll see . . . . .

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James said...

The Spartans have been dragging you down again I see.

I never noticed the self pity bit at all .

Anyway good luck whatever rebellion you are planning.

Anonymous said...

Viva la Revolucion!!!

(on LC, I am sharing part 1 of the moving pics and on one picture I wrote 'Leaving Nashvegas'! We are on the level, Mrs!)

Bruce said...

Another new leaf? How many leaves do you have? Have you been out shaking the tree in the front yard again?

Slyde said...

good for you! take care of yourself, and the rest will follow suit..

Holly Hall said...

James: I am not sure what rebellion I have planned. but, it will be fun ;)

Cam: Wow, yes, we are like psychic twins or somesuch, hmm

Bruce: Yes, I have been shaking the tree and getting rid of all the dead leaves that inhibit growth. ;)

Slyde: So funny that you read four posts at a time. so glad you do :)

la la la la la do do do do do do

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