Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Word association: Honey

Time now for another installment of word association where a reader suggests a word and I post a post based on that word. Feel free to suggest a future word in the comments.

Word associated: Honey

Word suggested by: oh, you know who you are


I am writing to cheer myself up.

Cheering oneself up can be a difficult task.

It is like comedy writing. I mean, anyone can write sad stories. I mean, tragedy is everywhere. Thus, writing sad stuff is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Humor can be more difficult because it requires a certain willingness to part with the indignancy of having been wronged.

Dang, that's a good line eh? Just thought that up, right now.

So let me part a little.


I am a puddle of honey at the bottom of an empty coffee mug. Amber solid and sparkle fluid at the same time. I grow ceramic feet and hop to a warmer spot, under the midday sun. As I warm, the whole mug will become fragrant and intoxicated with the convalescing sugar. I get warmer. I get bubbly, all silly thick with sloppy joy.

Now I just need some tea to swim around in.

Amazing this, I feel so much better already. :)

9 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

And here I thought a honey post would be about sex. ;)

GeologyJoe said...

bees and teas are the first two things i think of....then Pooh.

Holly Hall said...

Earl: Who says its not?

heee heee

and leave a word!!!

Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe: bees and teas and pooh, very interesting :)

and you too,

leave a word!!!

dizzblnd said...

That was very good!

ummmmmmmmmm how about serindipity

It just SOUNDS funny

Holly Hall said...

dizzblnd: serindipity it is :)

James said...

Wow you cheer up easy...or maybe you just really like honey?


Bruce said...

Excellent Prose......

Holly Hall said...

James: yes, I am easily amused. hee hee

Bruce: See, I knew you came for more than to complain about the videos you can't play

thank you :)

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