Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood Smells like Dinner

Eric Northman in a light blue, Norwegian oceanic sweater:

I've not always enjoyed the Eric Northman. I found him to be a douchebag at first. Then he started growing more. More venerable, more Godrick backstory and less long hair. He got a hold of Sookie all sneaky like. He is not a dumbass like Bill.

Nowadays, I enjoy the Eric on several different levels. It's a subtle power this character has. (see above).

I also enjoy his protege, Pam. Girlfriend is one of my favorites.

That being said, WHAT THE HELL with Sunday's episode? The writers blew up it all up. Everything that I know and love about the Eric Northman, it's gone. He is now walking around half naked and not remembering what a badass he is. This is no good!!!

I think what upsets me the most is the power imbalance. I mean, how can the immortal vampires, that go zoomy zoomy and fly, how can they be brought down by a bunch of Wiccans chanting nonsense??

I've been near and dear and tried my hand at Wiccanism. It's a harmless religion for the most part. All Goddess earth worshipping. Build an alter and say a spell. Chubby midwestern women in Renaissance fair clothing. We had meetings. Some guy was there a few times. Wore all black and had a cane. Well, it was a cane until you pulled on the handle and out came a shiny sword.

I just didn't feel anything though. I never caught the Wiccan fever. And that's the difference with me. I mean, I can sit around and sing kumbya and feel good. And that's great. Rub the Buddha belly, yay! But on Sunday, when we gathered outside at church, we had a guest preacher.

He's a missionary. Originally from Ohio but a missionary now. Which takes a special kind of crazy to pack up your life, wife and kids and all, move to the mountains of Loas and risk getting arrested and put to death. But he's compelled. He said, "When I was 20, I was an alcoholic and hopeless. I wanted to just die. But that's when God found me, he delivered me and I let him. And now I am out there, sharing his love."

He was so wrapped up in the spirit that he was shouting, deep down preaching. And I was crying, all caught with him. Because I feel the spirit. I have God with me every day. Jesus has changed my life in so many ways, I am so unbelievably blessed. After I was baptized, I was truly reborn, I am free. . . I can't even begin to explain it all. I love my church and what happens there. It's just oh . . . I can't explain it all. .. sniff sniff . . . .


So, in the show, the Wiccan circle chanting is useless until Layfette joins in. He is the key to it all. He is the conduit. Which is creepy. I loves me some Layfette. I don't want him to be weird and then have to be put down. Not a fan of his boyfriend's hair cut either. Hmm we shall see.

So I guess it's ok. I mean, these characters are strong and can become parody of themselves. And it's important to just completely wipe the slate clean once in a while. Mix things up.

That being said. I'm also not a fan of what is happening with Jason Stackhouse.



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