Monday, November 8, 2010

So. What do we think of the Walking Dead?

In a hurry here, no time to link.

The guy up there, he's not dead, but he does a lot of walking himself. And horseback riding.

Whoa there! Zombies!

I like that it's based on a graphic novel. Graphic novels translate well to the screen, at least visually, because graphic novels are visual.

I like that it displays darkness. Darkness of death, darkness of sadness, of being left behind, without family and darkness of feeling alone. Like all parts of life, darkness holds wonder for me.

I like that the sheriff has a large amount of humanity. He has layers people. And I feel for him.

I also like that he's built like Mr. Hall-the slim yet might muscular underneath. Efficient and strong.

I hope he survives because I give this show two bony dead zombie thumbs up!

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Avitable said...

Yeah, it's an outstanding show. Short season - only six episodes - but there's a high chance of a second season.

Mrs. Hall said...

six episodes! Yikes! well here's hoping it survives! :)

Big Pissy said...

I LOVE it!

I almost posted about it today too! :)

Team Zombie!!!

Slyde said...

hey, i have all 76 issues (so far) of the comic....

do you want me to tell you who lives and who dies?

im just evil enough to do it!

Mrs. Hall said...


SLYDE: don't do it man. this is the first series I've NOT RESEARCHED TO DEATH while enjoying. I know nothing and that's pretty awesome :)

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