Thursday, November 4, 2010

Number 12: Being a Christ follower is changing me

Hi. I'm Mrs. Hall and I'm a Christian. (Hi Mrs. Hall) Which means I've accept Jesus Christ as my God and trusted him to save me.

And I've been baptized to recognize this acceptance. This happened a few months ago. Like my wedding day I stood up and made a declaration. I knew exactly what I was doing and it was awesome!

Since that time-I've noticed I'm changing. This is an unexpected development. Because if there's one thing I know, it's who I am. I know my goods and my bads. I readily attest to both. But yet, I am changing.

I am caring less about my fashionista stuff. I am caring less about celebrity magazines. I am caring less about South Park. I am caring less about idle discourse. I am caring less about stuff that doesn't mean anything. I am not getting upset about the things that drive me nuts.

My Mom and are getting along like gangbusters. I never thought that was possible. We laugh and hug and enjoy each other. I realize I've been blocking her from being a loving force in my life because of bad blood. But after I got dipped, I stopped being angry and starting loving more. So here is my Mom. In my life. I realize God is at work here, I just need to get out of the way.

I care less about getting pregnant. I'm at peace with negative pregnancy tests. And knowing God has fully healed my miscarriage wounds-no more sadness, no more headaches or migraines. I am at peace because I turn to God.

I am vibrating less. My hyperkenitic ADD energy is at a much lower frequency. Which means this blog is a lot thinner then it use to be. The slightly naughty photo of Mr. Hall and I (that use to be the banner)-this is gone. It has been replaced by a purple flower. This blog doesn't have naughty stuff anymore. I just don't want to share that part of my marriage anymore.

There is less sharing overall because there is less to share. I mean, this blog is where I work through my feelings and share my inner thoughts. But my thoughts have been humming and not forming words. How can I blog that?

I'm a little afraid about this. I'm a little afraid of this change because I have worked hard to become who I am. But I find myself scared. But not really scared, just timid. I am not sure what will happen when all this really takes hold. I know that with each bible study class and church service, I am changing. I feel lifted and grounded all at the same time. It's quite a nice feeling actually. Feels more like me.

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RW said...

Sounds great! Sounds like the Light is pretty much working like it's supposed to there!

Having declared myself a Christian more than 10 years ago I always enjoy watching and listening to newly minted ones.

All kinds of manifestations happen when you do that. Some have to play themselves out. Others last forever.

All kinds of Christians too.

Mrs. Hall said...

aww ... thanks RW! your the best!

Charlene said...

I became a Christian at Bible Camp when I was 10 and was dunked [aka Baptises by full emersion] in a lake near my church a few weeks later.

Congratulations and I'm glad you are happy.

the queen said...

I'm glad you are full of joy. I miss thst. Hope it lasts. And by vibrating less, do you mean ...

Caz said...

I'm loving reading about your newfound faith. You write so honestly and unapologetically about it. Awesome.

is there a post about how this all began?

Lotus07 said...

Yeah, too much religion too soon will do that to have to eventually strike a balance.

But no matter where you go and where you end up, and I am sure that deep down inside Mrs. Hall, there is always going to be that little firebrand that can really kick some booty when needed.

(it in the genes ya know)

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