Monday, November 1, 2010

When did we become the Flanders?

Last night Pancake and I were playing a Bible Bingo/Trivia Game. I found it at goodwill. It's helping me become more coherent in my bible readings. I am recognizing the names John the Bapist, Paul and Moses.

While we playing her Daddy made some broccoli as a side dish for dinner. "OOoooOOhhh!! I love broccoli!" Pancake says. And it's true, my daughter loves steamed broccoli. And both my kids love raisins, "It's nature's candy!!"

It's good times I say.

And then on Sundays, we send them to Sunday school. Their Sunday school is all about skits and games to help them learn bible lessons. The kids love Sunday school and describe it like this:

"We sing songs, we play games and there was cookies. It was awesome!"

The lessons are about values like kindess, charity, God loving you and whatnot. All based out of the bible. I don't know if they get the lessons, but they get the cookies. And feel loved by the staff. So that's good enough for now.

But here's the thing-Pancake and I play the bingo bible trivia game and she asks questions like, "Why did God turn Lot's wife into a pillar of salt?" And honestly, I don't know what to tell her. I'm still learning the basics.



My daughter and I play this game. Starting with the same level of knowledge. And we teach each other what we are learning. My daughter is teaching me some of her lessons from her Sunday school. And I teach her what I learn in bible study.

So were are all learning together.

It's uncharted terrority.

Very surreal.

Very weird.

And wonderful all the same.

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Maundering mutterer said...

Because she looked back... I'm not sure why salt as such, but it was definitely because she looked back with regret. Unless there was just a shortage of salt for dinner?

Grant said...

To maintain balance in the force, I spent last night drinking, gambling, and worshiping the devil.

Mrs. Hall said...

good for you grant.

Lotus07 said...

Just getting back from a whole month of blog writting, so pardon my tardiness. ARE the Flaunders. Be just like Ed and don't let your kids watch Harry Potter...because it is evil devil worship disguised as entertainment.

....and it is bizarre that I know more about the Bible than you do. Lot's wife was turned to a pillar of salt because she turned to look upon the destruction of Sodom and Gamora. Which God had specifically instructed Lot NOT to do. So in essence, Lot lost his wife because she pissed off God. Let see you try and explain that one to Pancake. (the God of the Old Testament is not a very loving or empathetic fellow...he is someone domineering and absolute)

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