Saturday, June 26, 2010

"We're in a weird demographic," says Mr. Hall

Went to the women's ministry breakfast today, at my church. The Tribe Called Hall officially HAVE A CHURCH NOW. After searching high and low we picked the one with the rock band in front.

It was a very pleasant breakfast, there was discussion on Esther. She is woman who was scared to speak, but was called upon to speak nonetheless. She fasts and prays for three days and this is when she is given the courage to speak up. Because she was called to speak by God and God will provide the equipment to get the job done. The pastor's wife was reading the story and telling us how it applied to her life.

She hates public speaking. Which is ironic considering her husband's job. "But," she says, "I feel called to stand here and speak to you. To share and to celebrate all that we are as women. Because God has given us special gifts and talents.", she said. And she went on to explain the special gifts and it felt really good and nurturing. I truly agree that softness of women is our strength. And that was the message today.

It was very nice. I was with my new mommy friend and there were crepes.

Then I got kind of salty. I mean, there I was, at a table of lovelies, all chatting away about kids, cruises and camping. Then I started talking about yoga. Because someone had mentioned it. Then I was struck by how such a seemingly universal practice is a like a foreign novelty in this town.


Then there were rumbles of stupidness because when people live a sheltered life they fear what they don't understand.

And my jaw dropped when I figured out this included yoga.

Who fears yoga?

It was my new mommy friend. And I was so angry because we had been getting on so well. I mean, she wasn't a total fit, but still. I thought that because she was a teacher she would have some knowledge of the outside world. That eastern philosophy and yoga is not a threat to Christianity but can enhance a person's relationship with Jesus and God. I know it does mine.

But no. She asked me questions like, "I thought yoga was like, a Buddhist gathering or something. Like you pray to some four armed elephant god or something."

I was so mad when she said this. I mean, yoga is so special to me. It will be a part of my life forever. She didn't understand how she was hurting me by saying what she was saying. But, it was at the end of the gathering and we all went home.

I tell all of this to Mr. Hall. And I get sad because I really really want a bestie. I talk about maybe going to another church, near the local liberal arts university. And Mr. Hall says, "Well, I doubt you'll find what you are looking for at a church babe. We're in a weird demographic, not a lot of liberal artsy people go to a Christian Church." And I thought about it. And it's true.

A lot of artsy liberal folks do indeed frown upon Christianity. I mean, whenever I write these posts, talking about church, I really only get one or two supportive comments in the comment box. People have preconceived notions, personal vendettas and baggage to spare when it comes to Christianity. If I was studying Buddhism the love would flow much easier. But I'm not. So thank you for keeping it civil if not positive.

Because talking about my beginning faith is harder to write about then anything I have written about. It's harder than talking about the times I dated a girl or two, harder then telling about the time I cheated on a man I loved, harder than talking about anything in the world.

And it means so much to me. And so does this blog. So here I am, speaking up. Using my voice.

Thanks for reading.


That mommy friend is going with me to yoga. Which means a lot. Let's hope she doesn't freak out by the chicken sacrifices. ;)

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the queen said...

I've had the OPPOSITE happen. I was in an MS yoga class. (I was the most able, it was great.) One woman came it all spiritual and was indignant the yoga instructor only discussed the physical / balance benefits, not the spiritual benefits of meditations etc.. And I think your friend is confusing Yogis and yoga.

Mrs. Hall said...

Jeeze. Can't please everyone i guess. Did u ever go back?

Mrs. Hall said...

Jeeze. Can't please everyone i guess. Did u ever go back?

Becky the Design Lady said...

Are these people living under a rock or something? Who doesn't know what yoga is?
I'm not trying to sound snooty, I'm just surprised.
I think you can be Christian and still embrace the spirit of other religions/philosophies. Truth is truth no matter where it comes from.
Being kind to others, doing what we know is morally right - I think Jesus would approve.

Mrs. Hall said...

Becky the Design Lady: yeah, small town, small minds.

but yes, I will not bend in my quest to find the truth wherever it can be found ;)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I find this very true as well. Here in MA people are sort of shocked that I go to church. Like an artistic writer sort who might even consider herself intellectual (after a few drinks, anyway) might actually be naive enough to believe in God or partake of organized religion???
I hope the yoga goes well!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yoga a threat to Christianity?!?!?! Wow, that is a VERY small town. But hang in there Mrs. Hall. Somebody's got to open the door to new adventures for them.... plus they serve crepes (which I love).
xo jj

RW said...

We have a couple of women who sit cross-legged on the floor at Quaker meeting. You know, cross-legged with their feet on top. One brings a cushion. No bands though. But if you wanted to bring a guitar probably nobody's sqwauk.

Mrs. Hall said...

JJ: maybe it's just the person. I mean, I'm from this small town. and really, I did move to bigger cities but just barely. I sought out culture and different experiences. some small town folk prefer to stay that way I guess.

but, ifn she likes me, she will be exposed to many different things. yoga being the least of it. ;)

RW: but um, if someone plays guitar, doesn't that break the silence?

RW said...

It's only silent until somebody has something to say... or sing as the case may be. Seriously, though; artists, writers, musicians, etc. Just sayin.

Mrs. Hall said...



Heff said...

I'm not a huge fan of public speaking either.

Mrs. Hall said...

I have but no problem standing in front of hundreds. This is the advantage of a large ego.

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