Friday, June 25, 2010

I knew it was time to come home when . . .

I was at the buffet last night, eating stuffed grape leaves, sushi and mashed sweet potatoes. I heard a baby squawk at next table. He was so cute and had these wee little booties on. Then his Daddy got up and walked him around a bit. He padded and toddled- so cute in his little blue onesie with a pale green turtle on it. The parents were eating in shifts, one eats while the other walks the short attention span shorties.

It's a dance all parents know well.

Then the Daddy came back to the table and plopped the little boy back in the high chair. In one swift motion, the Mommy pulled the high chair closer to her and placed a sippy cup directly in front of him. This maneuver, done automatically, did me in.

All my delicious buffet items went blurry as I was overcome with missing my kids. I dabbed my tears and said, "I really miss them." And I cried just a little bit. And we both smiled.

THAT'S how I knew it was time to come home :)

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