Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Which would you rather be, a spoon or a fork?

Since we got the house in October, we've been having sit down meals every night again. It's just us, (Me, Mr. Hall, Pancake and Mac.) Mommy and Daddy take turn cooking and serve some tasty dishes. The kids know the rules: no whinning, you either eat what is served or sit there nicely. Try to get most of it in your mouth and not on the floor. NO talking with your mouth full. And no whining. Whining gets you a time out!

And we play games, games like: What would you rather be, A spoon or a fork? A bird or a cat?

Pancake says a spoon, because spoons spoon up ice cream. Mr. Hall says a fork because forks fork up cake. Pancake frowned a bit and asked if she change her answer. Then someone said, Why not have the best of both worlds- A SPORK!

As far as the cat vs. bird, Pancake was unwavering. She would like to be a cat. I said a bird, a big one that can fly over mountains. As long as it's not an eagle, it'll be all good.

But she didn't buy my argument. She says cats are warm and cuddly, and everyone has one. Plus birds die faster, meaning they don't live as long. Girl has a point there. ;)

We also play: Tell me a lie. Each of us goes around and says one thing about their day that is true and one that is not true. Then we guess which is which.

I have learned that kids are easy liars. But the lies are easy to spot.

I can say this, each time I turn the key in my front door I get a thrill. We live together, all snug and warm. A year ago we were spread between two houses, two hours away. And now each night we get to have dinner together. And the thrill gets even bigger still.

And I wonder if it will ever get old, all this thrill in the simple things.

Knowing me, it probably never will. :)

SO, which would you rather be, a spoon or a fork?

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Mrs. Hall said...

I say a spoon, it just seems nicer and less violence then a fork! :)

Dr Zibbs said...

A knife.

Slyde said...

i gotta go with the spork....

and i long for the day when there isnt ANY food on the floor under my sons seat after a meal...

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I'm a spork kind of gal...don't want to miss a thing.

mazeltov on the new home.

Family dinner never gets old. It only gets better. :))))

Mrs. Hall said...

Zibbs: but you didn't say why the knife?

Slyde: TELL ME ABOUT IT!! Seriously, crumbs, crumbs crumbs!

CDC: Yeah, SPORKS! :)

Heff said...

Well, I've been called a utensil for stirring concrete. Yes, Heff is a Mortar-Forker.

Mrs. Hall said...

haahhaa tteee heee!!

Bruce said...

I would just rather use my fingers....fewer dishes to do that way.

....and I hope it never gets old. The older I get, the more I realize that the feeling is the only really important thing in life. Rock On Girl.

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