Sunday, April 25, 2010


Mac has been a crank and spank this week. Ask him to do anything and he will dissolve into a puddle of snot bubbles and no no NOs! Then, he started acting up at school.


He's a substantial boy. Solid. I think he is testing how his girth can get him his way.

It doesn't help matters that he's such a cutie. He knows how to turn on the charm. The saving grace in all this is that he has a good quality heart. There is love and kindness through and through him.

If you make this grow you'll see Mrs. Hall in the background.


So, between Mr. Hall and I, we should figure it out. We'll do the time outs and the occasional pat on the tush. I won't read up on it. I'll let it flow and be calm. Best to not overreact to these things. Maybe boys will be boys. And maybe this is ok.

After all, Mr. Hall was once a boy too. I love you Mr. Hall.

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Mrs. Hall said...

that red and white strip shirt was our FAVORITE SHIRT ON HIM. It was soo much fun that shirt.

we called it his 'gay pirate shirt'.

I still have it in my top drawer. :)

The Savage said...

That is such a Dennis the Menace shirt.... all he needs are the over-alls and a homemade sling shot....

Mrs. Hall said...

Oh my gosh! I hadn't thought about that! Good call Savage ;)

Big Pissy said...

Dennis the Menace for sure! ;-)

Hank said...

That is one GORGEOUS little boy!

I'm in love!

Mrs. Hall said...

Pissy: yes, such a naughtykins!

Hank: SEE! This is why he gets away with stuff. No one can resist the Mac!

The Savage said... whenever you're ready with them questions....

word verification: cowedit

Edit them cows!

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah. it's coming. maybe a month or two but it will be done.

i'm slow.


carrie s, gaoo said...

That cardboard car is the cutest thing ever. Clear evidence of a well-loved child.

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