Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr. Hall seems a bit off

Since moving up here Mr. Hall has taken charge of the house. He is an incredibly hard worker. He regularly uses items like wheel barrows and chainsaws to clean up the yard. Inside the house, he is installing cabinets and dishwashers. Rewiring entire rooms and such. Then he gets the kids, plays some Left for Dead and I come home.

I can't help but contrast what would happen if I stayed home. If I stayed home I'd be sleeping and reading and then not much else. Because I am lazy and unstructured.

But something has been off this week. I think the lack of electricity has made it come to the surface. I see him getting all this stuff done, but I think Mr. Hall may be going a little nuts. I think it is the lack of people in his new work life.

I've seen him at his old work, talking with people.

He has a special talent, that Mr. Hall of mine. He is an engineer that has salesmen like ability to schmooze clients. This is rare in the species of engineer. He's good looking and can make people feel comfortable spending $20,000 dollars on a networking system. I've seen it. I've seen him calm and charm even the most high maintenance female project manager. And with guys? He can tell dirty jokes and back slap with the best of them.

I think this might be what Mr. Hall is getting all nuts about. It's subtle this nuts. He never complains about anything. But I see the signs.

Here he is making our home so beautiful. The landscaping is making my eyes pop. All a-gog I be. Our home is becoming a show place. He's doing such a wonderful job. But he's in isolation. Which is no good. Yet here's the thing. We have these tiny ones that go to school six hours a day and I work eight to nine. So someone has to be there. And now that he's home more we are actually saving money by not paying people.

Then, last night he made an announcement. He will be keeping both kids home for the summer. They'll have scheduled activities but still. Pancake will have off of school so might as well keep Mac home too.

And I had a pang of jealously. And guilt. Because I would be no good staying at home. But I want to. But, again I am lazy and unstructured. Best for me to work and bring home the bacon.

Oh Mr. Hall. U da best!

(ten points for the husband and wife in the pic above!)

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Slyde said...

ah, i know that blank stare while looking through the Home Depot shelves quite well...

Mrs. Hall said...

this was when he bought stuff to rewire the basement in my parent's house so I could have a space heater for yoga.


Heff said...

I could be wrong, but the guy in the old picture looks like George Burns, from back before they discovered DIRT....

Mrs. Hall said...


Heff wins 10 points!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Of course, George and Gracie. I wish Mr. Hall would make my home a show place. He sounds wonderful!

Mrs. Hall said...

Maureen: yep!!

and yes, Mr. Hall is quite a find! so spoiled am i!


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