Thursday, April 29, 2010

The bigger the hair, the closer to God

So, I would be remiss I didn't tell you guys the lights are out at the House of Hall. It's a long story but no, we are not trailer trash who failed to pay the bills. If you were my facebook friend you would know the story but noooOOOooo, you gotta be all hatin the facebook yo! Yeah, I'll looking at you Earl!And HEFF!!

We still have water, hot water at that. We have a handy new grill too. We can make soup and p b and j sammiches. I will be grilling burgers tonight that should all thawed out. And we can make rice. It's all good.

What I bemoan, what makes me o so sad, is the flatness of my hair. Without the AC/DC juice, the hair of Mrs. Hall, it is flat. My 100 dollar hair dryer sits and waits, wanting to be dutiful. But no, it is not to be for a bit. So my thick brown hair just lays there, neglected. And my make up is put on in low light. This is disturbing to me. I just feel all wonky.

But, never fear. We'll bust out the tent and make an adventure out of this. We'll have smores and everything.

And I'll try not to panic because this weekend Mr. Hall will be away on business. And it's going to be rainy. And there will be no access to movies for the kids. Or Wii. Which means I'll most likely go insane. And that will be fitting, I mean, have you ever seen anyone have good hair in a straight jacket?

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Mrs. Hall said...

That photo up there, it is from the "London Pride Fesitival".

Who knew London had a gay pride parade?


B.E. Earl said...

You won't guilt me into joining Facebook. It just won't happen.

Ever been to a Pride parade? So. Much. Fun!

Mrs. Hall said...

Don't be a hater!!

But OMG I would love to go to a Pride Parade!

Alas, midwest, smallish town.

lack of drag queens. Or drag queens that have made their presence known!

Bruce said...

I don't have any hair to speak of, which is a blessing. I think I have saved about $80,000 on hair care products and hair cuts since I was 40. Thankfully I don't have the ego crisis that goes along with hair loss.

Have fun bonding in the dark....I have found memories of it when I was a I sure you will pull through with shining colors.

GiGi said...

Wow, no power and no movies or Wii? I will be thinking of you. We had no power for 7 days after a Hurricane once. It sucked...but we made the best of it, and Mrs. Hall, I know you are the same kinda gal. good luck!

Heff said...

Yep. Facebook BLOWS. Worse than not having electricity.

And the title of this post probably explains why I'm balding, lol !

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce is a baldie!

GiGi: yeah, at this point, best to make the best of things.



Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Sometimes electricity, all of modern convinces, can be a hindrance to the mind and creativity. Especially face book.

Plus I bet you look beautiful with natural hair, not like some pretend Barbie attempting to make an impression on those who dwell in shallowness.

Besides, writing by candle light in a journal makes one more creative. Although your eyes hurt a lot.

Mrs. Hall said...


dude, where have you been!

awww you rock dude!

miss your commenting:)

James said...

Hey BB Earl I am with you dude. Mrs Hall got me onto facebook but I had to leave. Facebook is evil.

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