Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Interview Experiment (redux)

I believe it's high time to resurrect the Interview Experiment. Read my interview (now with fresh updates) then go to the end to get yours!


I have been interviewed by Mr. Verdant Dude, formerly known as Mr. Bug Eyed Earl. (yeah Earl!)

question one: How ya handling the winter so far in "Super Duper"?

It sucks ass.


question two: You've only been on Blogger for about a year (update-it's been like two years now). What inspired you to start blogging?

I have of lot of involuntary creative energy. Specifically, a writer's energy. It is a driving force, a veritable pipeline. It is there every day, the buzzing words, the sentences writing themselves out in my head.

It has been part of me for as long as I can remember.When I was little, I loved to write stories and poems. Diving into big words, lounging in their sound before I could fasten a bra. I have had a few things published in local journal type publications. Mostly poems.

Oddly enough, I was never a journal keeper or a big reader. Except for autobiographies. I use to read two a week. This is how I found the blogosphere. That was a long time ago.

I would have started a blog then, but I was busy. The energy was diverted by school/work/mom/wife tasks, but in June 2008, I graduated with my master's and became a grown up Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. With school out of the way, my muse to became insistent and mouthy. She insists I work out who I am and what I feel. And tell my story. And I agree with her. Hence the birth of this blog.



three: What can you tell us about the other two blogs that you contribute to ? What percentage of your blogging time is devoted to each of your blogs?(update-i don't contribute anymore cause i'm selfish)

Bonez is the first blog I contributed to. It is run by a very nice guy named Tony. It is sort a think tank blog. Very eclectic.

I have contributed other pieces to that blog. But, now that my career has picked up, I can barely keep up with this blog. It is nice though, publishing somewhere else. It changes what you write. It is always good to grow.

Thems' private thoughts was a one time only guest post. It was a contest to write a holiday post. Thank you James for inviting me! It's fun to play with others!

four: Do you ever yearn to go back to the punk look of your youth? Got any pics from back then you wanna post? Or from when you were a nude model? (Just kidding about the last one...kinda)

No, no urge to relive the punk years. Not in hair cut form or in life style choices. It is a relief, when the crazy ends. and breathe . . . .

As far as the art (from when I was a nude model) I am sure it's out there. My body has been reproduced in chalk, acrylic and oil pant. There are sculptures, photography and videography too. There is a lot of stuff out there, if the artist(s) kept any of it.

I can honestly say I was an awesome model. I was clearly the most request. I thrived in that setting really. I could hold difficult and interesting poses for 45 minutes. The short poses were a chance to dance in place for 2 minutes at time. I started out as an artist so I knew how to use the angles of my body, how to inspire people.

My favorite classes to pose for, were the continuing ed. classes for seniors. They were always so nice. So dedicated to their craft. They gave me such respect and encouragement. AND they would bring me cookies! I miss all those old ladies and gents. It was so avant garde, so sophisticated, so safe with them. I was encouraged to become living art, by seasoned artists.

There is magic to being a nude model for life drawing classes. The artist takes your image and filters it through their imagination and their skill level. You are a muse. It is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

five: I'm glad to see you've included "zombies" as one of your interests on your profile page. Care to change your thoughts on heading to Vegas when the zombies attack? De-composed flesh in that heat would be a bit stinky!


I would head to Las Vegas so I could pursue my other life long dream. To be a performer in the Cirque De Solei. Which Cirque show? you say!

Why O of course! My life would dissolve into pure magic. :)


If you would like to be interviewed by me, and really, why wouldn't you?

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." or email me: butcher(dot)hollow(at)gmail
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog (and I'll update mine) with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Warning: it may take a heck of a long time to send you five questions but dammit, as God as my witness, it will be done!!!

7 Left a message at the beep:

Mrs. Hall said...

you get an extra question if he can figure out what my email address is in reference to.


GiGi said...

My Vegas show would have to be The Beatles 'Love'....can't figure out the email address reference. I love a good, I'm up for it. I'll email you. :)

The Savage said...

Not that I want to be interviewed but Loretta Lynn's birthplace.... Also one of her greatest songs, Coal Miner's Daughter and the setting for Sissy Spaceck's roll in the autobiographical movie by the same name....
Either that or something from the Chronicles of Riddick....

Mrs. Hall said...

Gigi: I'm on it! expect yer questions soon.

Savage: see now, you would get that now wouldn't you!



B.E. Earl said...

Wow! That was from so long ago I didn't even recognize my own questions. Well done!

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: yay, like a year ago dude!

Slyde said...

i havent seen James around here in a while... i miss him! :)

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