Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Then my freak flag came flying out

So, hanging out with the group of women the other day. Having coffee, meeting new people. I now belong to a few groups comprised of local women. I found the groups on meetup.com. Which is very cool. Cause now, out of the groups, I have two special ladies I am happy and proud to call friends.

So, these groups of women are an eclectic mix. We are mostly transplants to the area. And I am a chatty, happy person and I do love these outings. Getting to know new people. But this is where it gets complicated.

Most people are:


Well, maybe not most people, but some people. As for me, well, I hide my freak flag quite well. I can blend with these crowds. Except last Sunday I didn't have my game face on. And my freak flag came flying out.

Ya see, I have a lot of interests. In fact, if you crack open my profile--under interests it says, "Pretty much everything, at least once." Also, when I am interested in something, I go all out. I get absorbed and a wee bit obsessional. Then the phase passes and I'm on to the next thing.

Then things like this conversation happens:

Mrs. Hall: So Katy, where are you from?

Katy (being a new member of the group): Oh, I'm from Canada.

Mrs. Hall: Oh, that's interesting.

(we make some small chit chat, comparing Canada with her current location, we talk about her job, things are going well with the conversation, Katy's got herself a spark plug personality . . .which I enjoy ;)


Mrs. Hall: I just downloaded a movie called "Ponty Pool". It's a Canadian Zombie film. Looks good . . . .


(I proceed to list off four or five foreign horror films I've seen lately. CAUSE FOREIGN HORROR FILMS IS MY LATEST OBSESSION)


And I've seen:

Which is a stylish and smart movie about doppelgangers. It's awesome really.

I've also seen:

Which I loved so much I talked about it here.

Then there is Ponty Pool. Which I have not seen but am very excited to see. And Katy is from Canada.


I think I'm going to hold on here. I mean, I've conquered putting myself out there. I've cultivated natural social abilities and have let them come to the forefront. I'm very proud of myself, proud that I can blend with the white bread and mayonnaise. I'm proud that I can derive satisfaction amongst the normal people of this earth.

Cause I am one of God's special people. All unique and crazy like. With unending positive energy and smiley goodness. And my freak flag is pretty. So I'm gonna let it fly. High and proud.

Now you! You go and fly yours too!

15 Left a message at the beep:

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

99% of the people i've met and made friendly with . . say this about me, "I've never met anyone like you."

Which is fine.

At least I'm not boring ;)

B.E. Earl said...

Is "The Broken" really a foreign film? I guess seeing Lena Headey and Richard Jenkins in it made me think it was a Hollywood film, but I guess it's from the UK. Cool. It's in my Netflix queue.

Foreign horror I would recommend:
1 - Frontier(s) - from France. I just reviewed it yesterday on my blog. Awesome/gory/disturbing.
2 - Dead Snow - from Norway. Nazi zombies!!!
3 - Cold Prey - also from Norway. Typical slasher flick set in the Norwegian snow. Not bad.
4 - Haute Tension - from France. Some call it derivative. I call it fun!
5 - Brotherhood of the Wolf - France. I didn't really think it was horror, but what a great film! Horror/period drama/mystery/martial arts all rolled into one film. Visually stunning.
6 - The Host - Korea. Great monster story that was extremely well done.

That should be enough to get you going. ;)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


and I say, none of my faskination with horror films would have occurred if you hadn't introduced me to Final Girl!

rock on!

The Savage said...

Dead Alive is a New Zealand zombie flick I heart so very much....
Just adding it to your need to check it out list.. oh yeah.. Black Sheep is another one... zombie sheep flick...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

it's too bad we don't all live near each other. then we could all have FIRST FRIDAY ZOMBIE MOVIE NIGHT.

where during the first friday of the month, we bust out a zombie/horror flick.

and enjoy our mutual love of the undead.

sad really.

maybe I'll start a club around here for that very purpose!


Heff said...

C'mon ! You met those chicks on letsgetnaked dot com and you KNOW IT !

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Heff: shhhh . . .

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Well, I guess if we're really ever gonna get to know people, we can't hide the zombies for too long, huh??

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Maureen: Yeah, I mean, you can only hide the dead bodies for so long.

WHOOPS! I meand UNdead bodies!


Susan Higgins said...

You can never go wrong being true to yourself... wave your freak flag proudly!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

wee hee!!

Bruce said...

I think you really need to look into Rogers and Hammerstein.....you obviously got derailed on the girlie train a while back and need to get back on the right track.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Oh Bruce ... I never was on the right tracks, I just good at pretending :)

GiGi said...

I watched so many horror movies as a kid (thanks mom, for letting me rent 'The Last House On The Left' when I was 12). Now, I like happy movies, that is, when I can stay awake past 10PM. I am so lame! Since I am having some insomnia these days, though, I might start watching movies to pass the time.

Cam said...

Did the doppelganger movie freak you out....you know....cause....we're like....you know.


By the way, what is your theory on the wrist tattoo? Cause, I went & got myself a tat right after I turned 18, and turns out (many years later) that it's what is referred to as a TRAMP STAMP. So, I'll be needin' no more of those in that area. (I thought it was awesome at the time cause I had such a small, shapely booty & it is an ankh & so a small hippy-looking cross, sorta, but after two births, the hiney ain't so tiny)

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