Friday, November 6, 2009

This is why Mr. Hall loves me

As mentioned before, and I will say it again, Mr. Hall is an engineer.

The brain of Mr. Hall is complicated and takes a long time. Engineers see the unseen and logical connections between everything. Especially if it's mechanical. Thus, when buying a mechanical device, like an electric tooth brush or flat screen TV, he ponders endlessly.

And researches and researches. And compares and learns all he can. Plus he is thrifty to the point of maniacal. He finds it a moral and righteous victory when he buys quality on the cheap. All of which takes time and considerable mental effort on his part.

For me, I've learned to just sit back and chill. I cannot rush nor direct this process. Best just to enjoy the view. (click here for photos of such an event).

This week though, he fought his engineer nature. He went out to just two stores and bought a tv. Then he came home and said, "You have no idea how hard it was babe. I just went out and bought a TV." He looked tired and in pain. I gave him a hug and said, "Oh honey, I wish I could have been there, helping you." Then I massaged his temples because that's where he carries his stress.

Here is Mr. Hall in engineer mode. Examining and putting together vast continents built of logic and electrical supplies.

Then, last night, after five months of research and visits to endless stores and websites, he bought a fancy electric tooth brush. While I was giving it a whirl, he explained in great detail, the inner workings and seven million applicator heads. I listened earnestly. When he explains the secret life of machines, his eyes light up. And I get all sparkly.

Then he said, "I got it in the clearance bin, 50 % off!" He did a fist pump in the air.

And that's when I jumped up and down, emitting a wee squeal. So happy for him. Then we did the butt bump. Which I enjoy the most.


Now get out there and shake your rump!

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Steph said...

It's wonderful having someone who loves unconditionally and takes joy in even our quirks.

You two are just too cute for words.

Sue said...

Congratulations on your new TV!

The Savage said...

Don't be jealous but I think I just developed a man crush on Mr. Hall....

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Steph: Yeah, I know ;) Marriage is fun eh?

Sue: It's really big and it kind of scares me. It's totally a guy tv. Just like the last humungo tv. Haven't turned it on though. not yet anyway. ;)

Savage: It's ok to go all brokeback for Mr. Hall. If I was a guy I totally would go gay for him :P

Hank said...

Mrs. Hall, honey......maybe Mr. Hall can explain the inner workin's of the 'lectric toothbrush to my mom.

Twenty years in the tooth business an' she STILL don't know much about them fancy brushes!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Hank: I think it's a matter of listening. I really listen to the explanation but really, I'm not. It's more watching him talk and getting all excited because he's excited.


cadbury_vw said...

i'm pretty sure he's related to me

but did he do a net carbon evluation to see if it was tuly a "green tv" or was merely energy efficient/economical?

i dare you to ask him that after he has a couple of weeks to be proud of it.

it will make him a total wreck

(come-on, you know you want to experiment with your new insider's knowledge)

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