Friday, November 27, 2009

In Praise of Chihuahuas and Honeywine

Hello All! How was your turkey day?

My little SIL, who's such a cutie herself, has two chihuahuas. They aren't purebreds so they lack that ridiculous shaking thing that pure chihuahuas do. We went to the dog park and they were so adorable, zipping around, chasing each other. Nipping at each other's heels. Barking like crazy at the big dogs.

Sigh. There were a few dogs there that were big. They came upon me all humungo doggy like. Leaned into my legs. They were rotties. Big, black rottweilers. I found myself weeping a bit. I miss my Henry. I didn't realize that going to the dog park would unfurl such feelings. So I petted them and leaned back while the tiny chihuahuas went all spastic crazy. Yippily barking while the big dogs stood silent, taking it all in.

hold on, gonna cry a bit here. I love Henry. Even though he's passed on, my love remains. As we unpack all our stuff I find bits and pieces of him. Stray collars, his winter dog bed, a leash I tried out. Then there is his huge kennel that we never really needed. We'll put it on Craig's list soon. hold on . . . I'm having hard time here, give me a minute.

sigh . . wiping a few tears . . big deep, cleansing breath, and ok, that's better . . i'm ok now . . ;)

Let's turn this around eh?

So the tiny dogs were fun. Just the right size for my kids to chase, pet and get lovins from. They practiced being gentle and petting softly. Mac kept trying to get them to play trains with him. He would hold up a wooden caboose and say, "Here puppy, you chew on this." Or he would say, "You can push it with your tail!" Watching him warm to the dogs was awesome.

The wee doggies really helped me yesterday. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of merriment. And honey wine. Good lord! Whoever put together honey with wine is a genius. One of the guests yesterday was from Ethopia. So really, the honeywine was from Ethopia. It was like nectar. Nectar from the Gods!

It was so good, I wasn't really paying attention and had three glasses. I am a lightweight. It was nice being sauced. But, then it was 9.30 and I was still tipsy. And I still had to drive two hours to get home. So I didn't.

I slept on my SIL's floor with the puppies. The chihuahuas were aggressive snugglers. I like to sleep on my right side, spooning a body pillow. They snuggled in the crook behind my knees. It was so comforting having them there, enjoying the doggy love. Enjoying the massive healing powers from such tiny pups.

Make no mistake. Dog is God's definition of love.

This is Henry by the way. With my daughter Pancake.

So now, if you'll excuse me. I got up at 5.30 am this morning and drove 2.5 hours to get to work. Time to act like I am well rested and intelligent ;)

Take care all and have a good weekend ;)

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Bruce said...

That picture of Henry is a classic.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

One of the best ones ever ;)

Hank said...

Mrs. Hall, I think it's real nice that ya loved on them Rotties even tho yer heart wuz hurtin'.

Yeah, Chis are WEIRD but my mom can't help but like her Chi nieces.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Lovin' on those big ole rotties helped my heart Hank :) so did the wee Chi's!

James said...

I am glad you had a nice thanksgiving. Shame about Henry.

Poindexter said...

was Henry predominantly chocolate brown? I have a big guy, Edgar, that I completely adore (found him as an adult) and he looks like a rottie, but is this chocolate brown color. Edgar's face resembles Henry's. I'm sorry about Henry. So sorry.

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