Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breaking out of the cage

There are lots of houses on the market.

Some of them are called character homes. This is real estate language for 'older' and charming home. Think hardwood floors, pocket doors and ornate details. Looking through these homes online is making me feel better than the houses I actually walked through.

I have found one that, if it were here right now, I'm marry it.

But, the sale of our house has hit a snag. It's resolving and we are still on track to close the sale in the first week of September.

Again, selling one's house is a bit like prison sex.

Now that it is resolving my mind is wandering and looking over images that make me all googley moogley.

Very soon, we will be out of this cage. In our new house. Complete with a lush and vibrant milieu.

Oh yes, it will be done . . . .

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

4 Left a message at the beep:

Heff said...

A video of the "Tool" song Prison Sex would've been more fitting. Just sayin'.

Cam said...

Funny you mention prison sex, Mrs... cause we still don't know for certain about our house yet.

You can imagine how pleasant this has been for my personality type, huh?

I hope you are speaking of the rustic little charmer I've seen the pic of? Cause I LURVE that one!!

Best of luck and the sound of house keys jingling in your near future...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the new look! Purple is my fav. God I hope you get this house thing done pretty soon. I really do.


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Heff: i will look into that ;)

Cam: I sent you a message and the next post is dedicated to you as we wind our way through these times of want and wait. Hugs!

Wil: DEAR GOD MAN, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEG!! Glad it's feeling better by the way.

and yes, I hope this stuff is done soon. I want to stop blogging about it. And. AND worse comes to worse, I can always rent a room at the Lov Tel eh?

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