Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YOU make the call: Creepy husband behavior, er no?

My life is getting in the way of my blogging. I apologize for the dead fish Wil.

So! Let's begin today's post!

I see human intelligence like a multi-tiered cake. (four tiers). Each tier has a ratio of people to level of intelligence. With each ascending layer, there are fewer people but more intelligence.

In the bottom layer, there is a multitude, nay, a critical mass of yokels, God's special people and Brett Favre. The next layer contains college graduates and owners of small successful businesses. The top layers include Einstein and the Steven Hawkins types. mmmhhhhhmmmm caaakkkeee......

On a good day, when I am rested, and the kids have not busted my brain to bits, I am in the third layer. Most days however, I am the second layer, near the top. Which is good. I don't want to be in the forth layer. Ever.

That being said, with a bit more intelligence that a yokel, yet not on the Einstein level, I lack a large amount of social judgement.

Basically I have a hard time figuring out what is normal and what is just odd.


Whilst looking through the photos on my husband's cell, I found a few of me. Only- I wasn't aware he had taken them. They were shots of me, um, well, there were naughty shots. Shots of cleavage, shots of me bending over, shots of my tush . .

They were taken while we were out and about with the kids. Whilst wearing my white latex dress.

Just kidding there folks. That's not my kid.

They were funny because I am so oblivious. I had no idea he had taken them. And there were only a few. Not like reams and reams or anything. But, they are undeniably naughty.

It's weird to think my husband takes peeping tom shots of me. He hasn't hidden them, I mean, he knows I look through his cell phone photos and could have easily hidden them from me. So!


Is this creepy husband behavior, er no?

Leave your call in the comments :)

Next on YOU make the call: Is this video sexist, er no?

17 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

Sounds like loving hubby behavior to me. Not creepy at all.

The Dental Maven said...

Definitely not creepy.

He's a keeper.

the queen said...

Is he masturbating to these photos of you in preference to photos of Playboy models? Adorable. Is he posting them on the Internet? Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Nice corn job down there ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice corn job down there ;)

James said...

That's not creepy. They are of YOU, his other half, not somebody else he is ogling.
I don't have a mobile phone but often Laundry Fairy looks most beautiful to me when she doesn't know I am looking at her. I often wish I could capture those moments.

Pick one of the photos and ask him what he liked about you in that particular shot.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Earl: Thank you, your vote is dully counted.

La Dentista: Thank you very much, your vote is counted. And I will try to floss more often I promise :)

Queen: I don't think, when he is need to 'take care of things', He is not inspired by the Playboy Bunnies. He is more of a Abby Winters type fan. Natural, smiling and happy. Also, he is a fan of Boink! (go ahead google it, it's ok, it's not ucky stuff I promise ;)

LL: Yeah, I didn't realize the um, angle of the shot until I posted it. I mean, this is was the work of Mr. Hall, all sneaky ;)

James!! I think your vote clinches it! You are in love with your dear Laundry Fairy. Awesome stuff James!! Awesome!!!

Kimberly said...

First, I need to see the pics & then I can vote more accurately.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Totally NOT creepy. It's actually kinda cute. As long as he's not showing them to everyone one in the locker room :-)

love the cake connection too!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, especially since it's your picture in The Fishbowl, which I've now told you for the second time and I'm still not sure you realize, LOL.

Don't give me your apologies, I see you made it around to a lot of other blogs yesterday. Whateva!

Wil Harrison.com

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Nope...not creepy! It's COOL!

- Jennifer

GeologyJoe said...

not creepy. AND more importantly there we no other pics of other women. right?

Cam said...

Not creepy, and you should start taking your own stealth naughty Mr. Hall pics...

Heff said...

Not creepy, unless he's secretly forming circle jerks with his buddies with them.

It could be worse. It could be OTHER girls photos on there.

Hank said...

Mrs. Hall, honey.....now I think that's real nice o' the ol' boy.

Sounds like somethin' my dad would do. But I don't wanna think about my dad oglin' my mom.....blech!

Anonymous said...

BTW, the only way we can effectively make the call is if Mr Hall ponies up and has you post them here for an in depth review.

Wil Harrison.com

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Kimberly: ooh a voice of descention!

JJ: Yes, he doesn't show them to anyone and yes... mmmm cakkkee ;)

Wil: I can't go to your site at work MR!!! what with the nudie patootie!!! nooddiiee!!!

J & S: yes, very cool :) mooooooooooooooooooo

Geo-Joe: nope no pix of others, just the love of his life :)

Cam: :)

Hef: No, no sharing, no circle jerks.

Hank: I really enjoy the word, ogling. :)

Wil: nope, those photos are for him alone! :)

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